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Feel fabulous and fit: The ultimate guide to LGBTQ+ health & wellness at The Pride Store

Detox Capsules; Woody Underwear; Zen Acrobatics
The Pride Store

LGBTQ+ Health & Wellness Products

Begin a transformative journey of LGBTQ+ health and wellness with The Pride Store. Explore curated experiences and cutting-edge products that celebrate diversity, personalization, and empowerment, inviting you to feel fabulous from the inside out. is an LGBTQ-owned & operated e-commerce platform partnered with's parent company equalpride, offering a curated and always evolving selection of products sourced from businesses that are owned, operated, or founded by members and allies of the LGBTQ+ community.

Embark on a holistic journey with The Pride Store, where well-being transcends the surface and celebrates the mind, body, and spirit. Our curated selection of health and wellness products is designed to enhance your unique journey, embracing diversity and empowering individuals in the LGBTQ+ community. Discover a range of transformative experiences and cutting-edge products that prioritize your overall well-being and make you feel fabulous from the inside out.

For example, start your journey to holistic well-being with Francisco Ramos, a seasoned yoga and meditation instructor whose passion lies in guiding individuals through transformative wellness experiences. Boasting 500 hours of training, Francisco combines a decade of expertise with a profound dedication to creating a space for self-discovery and growth. Trained in various yoga disciplines, meditation techniques, and spiritual principles, he not only masters physical postures but also fosters a community of serenity and personal exploration. Meanwhile, for those who seek luxury beneath the surface, Woody New York redefines the concept of comfort and style in underwear. Designed for those who refuse to settle for the ordinary, their signature V-shaped elastic band is a game-changer, enhancing both the aesthetics and comfort of every body shape. Join Francisco on a path to inner peace, and embrace Woody New York for unparalleled comfort and elevated style.

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At The Pride Store, we believe in the power of personalization, and our partnership with Zen Casa reflects this commitment. Dive into a world of personalized tranquility with Zen Casa's Personally Tailored Virtual Tranquility Yoga Session led by yogi Francisco Ramos. This exclusive private yoga instruction caters to your specific goals, offering expert guidance, personalized adjustments, and a holistic approach that extends beyond physical postures. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced practitioner, elevate your practice and experience the transformative power of one-on-one yoga instruction.


Take a step further into inner peace and self-discovery with Zen Casa's Meditation for Renewal Session. Led by Francisco, an experienced meditation guide, these private sessions provide a sanctuary for cultivating a profound connection with the present moment. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced meditator, our sessions cater to your unique needs, fostering a sense of calm, clarity, and emotional well-being. Embark on a transformative journey towards inner harmony and self-awareness, and elevate your meditation experience with us.


For those seeking a more immersive experience, Zen Casa offers an Immersive Virtual Six-Week Journey Towards Your Best Self. Led by expert facilitator Francisco Ramos, this workshop empowers and guides you through the art of mindfulness. Delve into various aspects of mindfulness, from meditation techniques to mindful living principles that extend beyond the workshop setting. Join us on this transformative journey and discover the profound impact that mindfulness can have on your well-being, relationships, and overall quality of life.


Explore cutting-edge health and wellness products with OBVI's Collagenic Burn Elite, a clinically studied fat burner designed to help you achieve your weight loss goals while nourishing your hair, skin, and nails. Also, try OBVI's Detox, a 30-day extra-strength cleanse to flush toxins, support weight loss, and promote healthy digestion. These products are tailored to enhance your overall health and well-being.


Entertain your senses with Victor's Metro Dual Bluetooth Suitcase Turntable, offering a full assortment of features at an entry-level price point. Play 33 1/3, 45, and 78 RPM records, and stream music through built-in stereo speakers or to an external Bluetooth speaker. With a convenient carrying handle, the Metro is ready to travel wherever the music takes you.


Complete your shopping experience with Woody New York's Luxury V Shape Underwear, available in Dark Red and Black. These products are designed to enhance your comfort, leaving you feeling like you have nothing on all day. At The Pride Store, we invite you to embrace a holistic approach to well-being, where every product contributes to your journey of feeling fabulous and fit.

Discover a world where well-being is celebrated in all its dimensions at The Pride Store. Our commitment to diversity and empowerment is reflected in our curated selection of health and wellness products, each designed to enhance your unique journey. Whether you're diving into personalized tranquility with Zen Casa, embarking on a transformative mindfulness workshop, exploring cutting-edge health products, or indulging in stylish comfort with Woody New York, we invite you to feel fabulous from the inside out. Your journey to holistic well-being starts here – at The Pride Store, where every product is a step towards embracing your mind, body, and spirit.

Save 15% with promo code "2024" when you shop on

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