Shot of the Day: Synchronized Swimming's Girl / Girl Kiss at the Olympics

Shot of the Day: Synchronized Swimming's Girl / Girl Kiss at the Olympics

Ladies, if you weren’t already excited about all the ladies – gay or not – competing in the London Olympics, you should be now! In a first for the Olympics (and we hope is not a last – there’s still several days left!), two athletes shared a kiss following their performance, Yahoo! Sports reports.

The two ladies who locked lips on Tuesday, and sent Tweeters into quite the Twittering frenzy, were Ukranian synchronized swimmers Daria Iushko and Kysenia Sydorenko. When they finished their synchronized duets free routine in the qualification round, the two kissed for the world to see. The kiss was not on the cheek, which is common for Ukranians to do, but a definite lady-lady lip lock. It was also not part of their routine, which some viewers originally thought was a possibility.

Kiss or no kiss, their performance earned them sixth place.

No matter what the impetus, we encourage all Olympians at these games – and in the future, of course – to feel free to follow Daria and Kysenia’s lovely example. An amazing feat of physical prowess at the Olympics should be celebrated – and what better way than with a kiss?

Are you listening, US women’s soccer team? What about you, Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh-Jennings? Eh?

Check out the photo below:

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