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Sports Smorgasbord: Erin Andrews, Eri Yoshida, Gina Carano

Sports Smorgasbord: Erin Andrews, Eri Yoshida, Gina Carano

This sports’ update has everything!  Dancing, athletic prowess, sex. OK…that’s not everything, but aren’t those things enough to pique a lesbian’s interest? Erin Andrews joins Dancing With the Stars, pitcher Eri Yoshida is the first female to get drafted by a Japanese pro team, Gina Gershon bites her lip and Playboy catches girls making out at a Chicago Bulls game.

This sports’ update has everything! Dancing, athletic prowess, sex. OK…that’s not everything, but aren’t those things enough to pique a lesbian’s interest? I thought so. Have a seat at the table, start reading and enjoy the buffet.

For the first course I have the delicious Erin Andrews.  Hairy men staring at her through hotel peep holes hasn’t scared her off from the spotlight. This babe of sportscasting is, in fact, broadening her target audience to include those tuned to Dancing With the Stars. I would consider this a “jump the shark” moment for anyone else, but look at her. She’s got much smoother legs than Buzz Aldrin or Evan Lysacek could ever hope for.

So how has the training been going, Erin?

"I just got out of practice.  A good three hour practice, four hour practice and my dogs are barking.  I am not really used to spins and turns in high heels.  It is different.  Imagine this.  Maxim says that I walk like a guy. I wonder why. I am surrounded by them 24/7 so now I got to walk like a chick. I am learning how.”

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Next up  is the petite 18-year-old pitcher named Eri Yoshida. She became the first female drafted by a Japanese pro team and she’s been working hard on her knuckleball. Not many pitchers throw that pitch, so it’s an elite club. She has her sights on joining it and breaking the gender barrier all in one throw. Lucky for her she’s caught the attention of the king of that club, Red Sox pitcher, Tim Wakefield. He was happy to help with a tutoring session at the Red Sox player development complex last week.

"I kind of know where she's at, because I was there when I first started throwing. Nobody knew what to do," he said. "It's pretty cool that I'm able to give back to somebody that wants to carry on the tradition of throwing a knuckleball."

Yoshida  said she would remember "everything" from her session with Wakefield and said her dream was to become a pitcher just like him.

Finally, here’s a video. This is a publicity stunt Playboy has thought up. Whereas other women get kicked out of events for doing this, these women seem to be doing just fine during a lull in a Chicago Bulls game:

…and because I’m feeling generous, how about an after dinner mint? I dare you to stop playing this short clip of MMA fighter Gina Carano biting her lip after only one viewing.

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