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A GIF Recap of the First Episode of Scream Queens

A GIF Recap of the First Episode of 'Scream Queens'

A GIF Recap of the First Episode of 'Scream Queens'

So the pilot episode of the super campy new series Scream Queens premiered last night, and it was quite literally one of the most entertaining (and gayest!) things to ever happen to television in quite some time. And we are absolutely living for it.

We don't want to spoil too much for those of you rock-dwellers who have yet to see it, but just because we're so in love with the idea of a fabulous group of college queens trying to figure out who a manical serial killer on-campus is, here's a bunch of GIFs that basically summarize what the first episode of Scream Queens is basically about. 

Chanel (played flawlessly by Emma Roberts) is the fabulous and problematic HBIC of the sorority Kappa Kappa Tau.emma-roberts-chanel-scream-queens-1emma-roberts-chanel-scream-queens-2emma-roberts-chanel-scream-queens-3emma-roberts-chanel-scream-queens-4

Her minions/sorority sisters are the equally fabulous Chanels, the likes of which include Abigail Breslin and Ariana Grande.the-chanels-scream-queens-ariana-grande-1the-chanels-scream-queens-ariana-grande-2

There is some maniacal Red Devil terrorizing the Kappas, and killing people.scream-queens-red-devilscream-queens-red-devil-emma-roberts

*Major spoiler alert* Ariana Grande dies at the hands of the Red Devil. And yes, she live tweeted her death.ariana-grande-scream-queens-live-tweet-death-1ariana-grande-scream-queens-live-tweet-death-2ariana-grande-scream-queens-live-tweet-death-3

As expected, everyone is scared AF.keke-palmer-scream-queens-screaminglea-michele-scream-queens-screaming

But frightfulness doesn't stop Keke Palmer's character Zayday from being the realest (and baddest) in the Kappa house...keke-palmer-scream-queens-zayday doesn't stop Mac (aka the "Predatory Lez") from smashing the patriarchy...scream-queens-mac-predatory-lez-1scream-queens-mac-predatory-lez-2

...and it doesn't stop Nick Jonas' character Boone (a gay bro) from being super hot.nick-jonas-scream-queens-boone-muscles 

Man-on-man cuddles also happen in the first episode of Scream Queens.nick-jonas-scream-queens-boone-gay-cuddle-1nick-jonas-scream-queens-boone-gay-cuddle-2nick-jonas-scream-queens-boone-gay-cuddle-3

As well as some weird fake deaths.nick-jonas-scream-queens-boone-fake-death 

And no new fall show would be complete without a piping hot pumpkin spice latte.emma-roberts-chanel-scream-queens-pumpkin-spice-latte

Basically, Scream Queens is our new guilty pleasure.

Watch the official trailer below and catch it on Tuesday nights on FOX.

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