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Amy Schumer 'Hopes' To Sleep With A Woman

Amy Schumer 'Hopes' To Sleep With A Woman

Amy Schumer 'Hopes' To Sleep With A Woman

Stand-up girl Amy Schumer talks to Alec Baldwin on his podcast about the attention she gets from women. 


Amy Schumer had an awesome year. The foul-mouthed and super sex-positive comedian won an Emmy in September for her Comedy Central show Inside Amy Schumer, her film Trainwreck (written by Schumer) was a box-office hit, and she recently filmed a stand-up comedy special for HBO at the iconic Apollo Theater in New York. 

This week, Schumer was a guest on Alec Baldwin's podcast, Here's The Thing, where she responded to some probing questions regarding her sexuality and girl-on-girl interests. Here's the exchange (courtesy of After Ellen): 

Alec Baldwin: Being as funny as you are, being as sexually liberated you are, and as warm as you are, and likable, you must have women throwing themselves at you as well.

Amy Schumer: That’s a very good observation. Yeah, women, I think, get confused around me. 

Alec Baldwin: Go ahead.

Amy Schumer: [laughs] Have I got your attention? I think women, they want my attention, they like me. They don’t know—they’re confused about their feelings for me. I’m straight, but they sometimes deal with me the way they would a guy that they’re attracted to. Like, this kind of flirty—I remember this model, we were following each other on Twitter, and she like wrote me a message and was like, “I just woke up from a nap” and she was like—the way that she wrote it was like it’s what you’d send to a guy so that they’d picture you in a cute environment, like “Mmm.” I’m not like trying to have sex. So girls just get—some women, I feel that energy from them. They look at me like they don’t know what to do. [laughs] But how did you observe that? No one’s ever said that to me.

Alec Baldwin: People who I work with who are young who shall remain nameless who are listening to this recording right now, they will talk about how people are on a spectrum.

Amy Schumer: Of sexuality?

Alec Baldwin: Yeah, where you don’t sleep with—as my daughter said to me, because she had a girlfriend for a while, and she said to me, “You don’t sleep with a man or a woman—you sleep with the person. I’m attracted to that person.” So she slept with somebody who was a woman. And I was like, “Wow.” I’ve met men as much as I loved anybody in my life, but I wasn’t built that way so I think to myself, “That doesn’t interest me.” I’d rather be with a woman that I want to set on fire and throw off a cliff than be with a guy who was the greatest human being I’ve ever met, who is like Abraham Lincoln meets Montgomery Clift.

Amy Schumer: Oh my god, seriously, you wouldn’t even let Lincoln blow you?

Alec Baldwin: Well? I wouldn’t. I’d have to deny him. 

Amy Schumer: Oh my god, if I could get Betsy Ross to just go down on me for five seconds.  …. Yeah I don’t know if I’ll ever sleep with a woman. I hope so. 

Alec Baldwin: You do hope so?

Amy Schumer: Yeah, at some point.

Alec Baldwin: Just to know what it’s like?

Amy Schumer: Mhm.

Although Baldwin nears the cringe-worthy with his statement that he'd rather date a woman he wants to kill than a man who is "the greatest human being," he at least seems supportive of his daughter Ireland's sexual fluidity—and, more importantly, like he understands it. Ireland Baldwin had a relationship with pansexual rapper Angel Haze last year that got a lot of media attention. It is unknown if the two are still togther. 

This is a welcome change for Alec Baldwin, who came under fire two years ago for calling a news photographer "a cocksucking little fag," which prompted MSNBC to cancel his show, Up Late. (The cancellation spurred the actor to write an open letter accusing "fundamentalist" gay people for "killing" his show.) 

As for Schumer, we hope she gets the chance to sleep with a woman at some point too. Listen to the podcast below. 

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