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29 Signs You Were an '80s Queer Girl

29 Signs You Were an '80s Lesbian or Bisexual Girl

29 Signs You Were an '80s Lesbian or Bisexual Girl

Desert Hearts, The Breakfast Club, Doc Martens, Tracy Chapman and Eurythmics... 


1. Some Kind of Wonderful's Watts was your first crush. 


2. This YA novel changed your life. 


3. These were your favorite shoes, and you paired them with ripped black tights and shorts. 


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4. You bought this album at the alt record store and felt subversive and exhilarated because you felt the pink triangle on the cover made a statement about you. 


5. You refused to get involved with the arguments over whether Cyndi Lauper or Madonna was better. They were both trailblazers and you loved them equally. 



6. Your heart nearly stopped the first time you saw this sex scene in Desert Hearts. 


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7. Ally Sheedy in The Breakfast Club was your second crush. 


8. You were there when your gay brothers needed help. 


9. And sadly, you went to too many vigils. 


10. Alison Bechdel spoke to you. 



11. You had this haircut in 1983. 


12. And this one in 1989. 


13. You wore out your VHS copy of Conan: The Destroyer because of this. 


14. You had to have this book as soon as it came out. It didn't matter if you weren't having kids for another 10 years. 


15. You remember the exact moment you heard "Fast Car" for the first time. 



16. This was the first couple you ever shipped at a time when there were, literally, no lesbian or bisexual female characters on TV. 


17. You told your friends you were going to see Purple Rain at the Drive-In for the 7th time because of Prince (who is fabulous), but really, it was because of Wendy and Lisa. 


18. The Hunger inspired you to offer all of your potential lovers (we're using 'lovers' in keeping with the era) a glass of sherry.



19. You looked like this for all of 1982. 


20. This album cover did things to you (good things). 


22. You bought jewelry that looked like this at your first Pride festival. 



23. This album came out, and suddenly, you were into country and twang. 



24. The Madonna and Sandra Bernhard fling was all you could think about for a few weeks in 1988. 


25. You met the first love of your life at the '87 March on Washington. 


26. You met the second love of your life while discussing this novel during book club at the local queer bookstore. 


27. You loved Personal Best, and you hated it. 


28. You stood on the couch and cheered when a shaved-headed, combat-boot-clad Sinead O'Connor performed "Mandinka" at the Grammy Awards.  


29. You really rooted for Celie and Shug to make it. 


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