Watch: Sarah Paulson Talks Broadway, American Horror Story and the Jessica Lange Hook-Up Rumors

Watch: Sarah Paulson Talks Broadway, American Horror Story and the Jessica Lange Hook-Up Rumors

Sarah Paulson recently sat down for an interview with’s Paul Wontorek, AfterEllen reported, to discuss her play Talley’s Folly, but the interview turns into a frank discussion about American Horror Story (AHS), a rumored relationship with co-star Jessica Lange, her past relationship with Cherry Jones, and what happened in the aftermath of her infamous kiss with Jones at the Tony Awards.

The 25-minute long interview was shot as part of the site’s series, Show People with Paul Wontorek.

During the interview the actress opens up about what it’s like to work with legendary stage and screen actress, Jessica Lange.  Around minute 7:50, Paulson divulges that it was Lange’s Oscar nominated performance in Frances that inspired her to become an actress.  “I was 15 years old, watching it on basic cable, and it made me think whatever that is, I want to do that.”  Fast forward a few years and Paulson got her first opportunity to co-star with Lange in The Glass Menagerie

Wontorek then asks Paulson about rumors that the two actresses were dating.  “We’re not dating, it [the rumor] only happened because I was with an older woman [Cherry Jones] for 7 years and I’m friends with Jessica Lange, so therefore we must be boffing,” she says.

At 17:16 Wontorek inquires about  Paulson’s AHS character Lana Winters.  During season 2 of the horror anthology, Paulson played Lana, an out lesbian, unfairly incarcerated in an insane asylum.  Wontorek asks, “Lana has to be one of the greatest lesbian characters on TV, what was it like to play her.”  Paulson agrees that Lana was, but also added, “Yeah, what I loved about it was that it wasn’t about that really.  She was just sorta like, this is who I am.” 

Around minute 19:00 Paulson discusses being outed after her then partner (Cherry Jones) won a Tony Award.  “It’s a potentially dicey subject because it’s a fluid thing for me,” she said.  “I had only been with men prior to Cherry, what happened with her was person specific.” 

Paulson matter of factly states, “what my future holds, I do not know.  And that makes me deeply unpopular with my lesbian fans.  But, it’s just my truth, and everyone’s story is different.”

Lastly, when asked (minute 21:00) whether or not there was any fallout, career wise, since she came out, the actress responded frankly, “did I feel a fall out, no. I don’t know, I certainly didn’t feel one.” 

You can catch Paulson in Tally’s Folly, playing at the Laura Pels Theatre in NYC through May 12th, and this fall in season 3 of American Horror Story on FX. 

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