9 Reasons Ellen DeGeneres Will Rock Our Socks As The Next Oscars Host

9 Reasons Ellen DeGeneres Will Rock Our Socks As The Next Oscars Host

THE Ellen DeGeneres, probably one of the most hilarious living people on the planet — who coincidentally likes ladies as well, if you haven't heard — will host the Oscars next year. We could not be more excited.

We've had some hosting disasters over the past couple of years. Remember Anne Hathaway and James Franco? Oyyy. And I love America's favorite uncle, Billy Crystal, but that was a bit too safe, especially when we were in. I was also probably one of the six people in the world who enjoyed Seth MacFarlane's Oscars (despite the random plugs for Chicago...). But Ellen's been doing standup for decades, and she's hosted a bajillion things, including the post-September 11, 2001 Emmys, and a pretty excellent Oscars. Here's proof that this next telecast will be amazeballs.

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Ellen's 2001 Emmy monologue

Ellen hosts SNL in 2001

Ellen DeGeneres raps Salt-N-Pepa 'Shoop' at VH1 Divas Las Vegas, 2002

Ellen wins best talk show in 2005

Ellen's 2007 Oscar Monologue

Ellen DeGeneres and Martin Scorsese

Ellen and Clint Eastwood

Ellen and Beyonce at the Grammys

Ellen comes to the rescue for Jimmy Kimmel

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