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'Glee'-Caps 1.14: 'Hell-O'

'Glee'-Caps 1.14: 'Hell-O'

'Glee' is BACK! It has been far too long if you ask my opinion, but although the team put forth a noble effort with this week's episode, I couldn't help feeling a little disappointed... Finn sings the doors, Rachel falls for the enemy, Will and Emma can't get it on but Idina Menzel makes up for that. Sue blackmails the principal and more. While it wasn't the best episode, thankfully the world's greatest lesbian Jane Lynch and Lea Michelle are ever watchable.

Glee is BACK! It has been far too long if you ask my opinion, but although the team put forth a noble effort with this week's episode, I couldn't help feeling a little disappointed...

I was certainly jostled right off the bat when Finn began with the first musical number, "Hello, I Love You" by The Doors. I'm not a huge Finn fan in the first place, and I've never been a Doors fan ever. So this was all very disturbing.

The meaning behind this performance, I'm assuming, was Finn's reaction to his new girlfriend Rachel. That's right! I completely forgot that at the end of last episode, they got together! I was happy initially, but the happiness turned sour when Finn decides that Rachel's crazy tendencies are too much for him - and then opts to "find his inner rock star" and be with more girls before he settles down with just one. Nice. This was a huge let down, especially since I spent 13 episodes tirelessly rooting for them to be together, only to have it last for about ten minutes.

Speaking of ruined relationships that only last ten minutes, I also forgot to mention that Will and Emma are finally together! But now that their romance was quickly nipped in the bud, I can only cling to the beautiful memory I have of them kissing in the hallway to close out the last episode. That's correct, their relationship couldn't last an entire episode either. Will got obnoxiously romantic and mushy with Emma as they dance in his living room, then proceed to make out to Neil Diamond's "Hello Again."

The tender make-out session is interrupted however, when Emma slowed down to tell him that she's "never been intimate ... with anyone." Will replies with his trademark smirk and says "'s cool". And he proceeds to put Armageddon on the television instead. I was very confused. Maybe it's a Liv Tyler / Ben Affleck thing.

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Meanwhile, in Sue's Corner, things are going swimmingly. I'm reminded of why I love this show so much, when Sue's first words to Will this episode are "new haircut? Looks awful." If you remember correctly, she was removed from the Cheerios last episode, but somehow [thank goodness] she was reinstated - and by somehow, I mean she rufied the principal, put him in bed with her under the covers, took a picture of them and blackmailed him into putting her back in charge of the squad.

Quite brilliant. She tells Will that she will not rest until Glee club is annihilated. Will tells her to "bring it," to which she responds, "Oh I will bring it. You know what else I'm gonna bring? Some Asian cookery to rub your head with. 'Cause right now you've got enough product in your hair to season a wok." Best Sue line ever!

Meanwhile, Rachel is perusing the songbook section of the library when a handsome young suitor named Jesse St. James comes her way. The two of them sit down at the piano and start to sing Lionel Richie's "Hello," which sends me heading for the hills.

Watching the two of them at the piano only make me wish that she was blind, making a clay bust of his head. Oh, and Jesse St. James just happens to be the male lead in Vocal Adrenaline - Glee club's biggest competition. Their budding romance is brought to Will's attention, as everyone is concerned that Jesse is trying to spy on Glee club's numbers. To counter Vocal Adrenaline's tactic, Will meets up with the head coach, the fabulous Idina Menzel. Somehow they end up on his couch together, and once again, I'm confused.

All in all, the episode was mediocre, and the music was good, but it was lacking the juicy-ness I was hoping for when a show comes back from a long hiatus. It was definitely worth watching however, as at the end of the episode, Fox premiered a preview of next weeks Madonna-themed episode, a video in which Sue delightfully dances and sings to "Vogue." I can't wait for next week.

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