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Teletubbies Are Apparently ‘Gay Demons’ for Wanting a Lil Nas X Collab

Teletubbies Are Apparently ‘Gay Demons’ for Wanting a Lil Nas X Collab

Teletubbies Are Apparently ‘Gay Demons’ for Wanting a Lil Nas X Collab

The Far Right is at it again with the anti-Lil-Nas-X nonsense.


Far-right idiots are at it again, attacking Lil Nas X and everything related to him.

Lauren Witzke, noted homophobe, former TruNews host, and Republican nominee for US Senate, is the latest conservative talking head to attack Lil Nas X, and according to LGBTQNation, this time it’s because the Teletubbies want to collaborate with him.

It all started when famous children’s entertainers The Teletubbies tweeted pictures of themselves edited to look like the cover of X's debut studio album Montero, asking the rapper "can we get a feature on the next album?"

"Alright bet," the "Industry Baby" singer replied. "Me and tinky winky on the hook, dipsy & po on the verses and we’ll let laa laa do the outro." Sounds like a hit to me!

However, to some, including Witzke, it sounds more diabolical. She shared the Teletubbies tweet on her Instagram with the caption "I always knew that the Teletubbies were little gay demons." Wow. Okay.

Witzke’s Instagram is a wild ride. It includes the typical anti-vax posts that you’d expect, but also some completely bonkers anti-trans and anti-gay posts. In one, she shared a quote from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez where the congresswoman says, "Trans, two-spirit, and nonbinary people have always existed and will always exist."

Witzke added her caption, "When AOC says 'two spirit' she is acknowledging that trans and nonbinary people are actually sharing a body with a demonic spiritual entity." Is this a parody account?

No matter how many haters Lil Nas X has, he can’t be stopped. Despite conservatives calling just about everything he does terrible, he just released his debut album Montero to rave reviews and is currently on top of the pop world.

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