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9 Queer Mulan Moments That Defined Your Childhood

9 Queer 'Mulan' Moments That Defined Your Childhood

9 Queer 'Mulan' Moments That Defined Your Childhood

Mulan is definitely the queerest Disney movies out there. The titular character defies societal expectations, experiments with her gender expression, and develops a complex, queer relationship with her army captain — who proposes to her in the sequel. As a kid, Mulan movie gave me all the feels, so here are eight of my favorite queer moments.

1. Mulan & The Matchmaker Don’t Mesh

Mulan tries to fit into the gender standards for Chinese women who lived during the Northern Wei dynasty (386–534). Unfortunately, she doesn't make the cut. This scene was definitely jarring, but it showed that sometimes feeling inadequate forces you to think outside of the box and find your true journey. That matchmaker was a hater anyway.

2. Reflection

The Christina Aguilera rendition is breathtaking, but regardless of who sings the song, “Reflection” is a heartfelt queer anthem. The idea that the world sees you as someone you’re not, spoke to me on so many levels. This scene is a guaranteed tearjerker.

3. Mulan Becomes a Warrior

This is the major transformation scene. Seriously, Mulan gives herself a queer haircut in ancient China. What’s more powerful than that? When she realizes her destiny, her entire demeanor transforms.

4. Mushu’s Introduction

Mushu is one of the most outspoken and dynamic characters in the Disney history. In his introduction to Mulan, he shows us that sometimes you have to fake it until you’re in a position to truly release your inner dragon.

5. Make A Man Out of You

At this point, Mulan accepted the mission to bring honor to her family’s name. Despite defining a real "man" in a stereotypical way, this scene shows Mulan immersed in a group that will teach her all of things she needs to know to accomplish her goals.

6. Mulan Gets Her Crew Back

Mulan proves that even though she’s not an official member of the Chinese military, she's the same person and capable of kicking some ass! Also, friends who do drag for you are one in a million.

7. Mulan Actually Kicks Some Ass

Our heroine didn’t need to look or be like all of the other soldiers to save the day. Without armor or a hair tie and as her true self, Mulan gained power from those who underestimated her and used it to win.

8. China Bows to Mulan

In a "bow down, bitches" moment for the ages, Mulan's country shows her the ultimate respect after she embraces her inner dragon (self). This moment is emotionally charged, and taught me that authenticity is the most precious thing in the world.

9. Shang Goes After Mulan

When the movie started, everyone told Mulan that she would never find love or bring honor on her family, but she proved them wrong. She found love on her terms and Li Shang loved her true identify. (We also can't deny the overtly homoerotic undertones!)

Overall, Mulan inspired me and many others to live their truth.

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A black trans queer feminist media maven. A proponent of all things equality.

A black trans queer feminist media maven. A proponent of all things equality.