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Pink Out for Planned Parenthood!

Today is National Pink Out Day, a time for people who support Planned Parenthood to make their profile pictures pink and post about how they #standwithPP to show the Twitter and Facebook 'verses the support the organization has. It's also a time for me to bust out my awesome pink sneakers, which are pictured below. Planned Parenthood clinics are providing free STI testing today, so give your local center a call to schedule an appointment.
STI testing isn't the only reason to stand with Planned Parenthood. They also offer cancer screenings, birth control, hormone therapy and/or referrals for trans* patients, sex education, and so much more.
I stand with Planned Parenthood because their work prevents countless unplanned pregnancies and abortions.
I stand with Planned Parenthood because giving women better access to affordable birth control helps them lead happier, more productive lives.
I stand with Planned Parenthood because the abortions they perform are legal, and because it is also legal in five states for fetal tissue to be donated for medical research.
I stand with Planned Parenthood because they provide low-income and rural people, men and women, with access to essential health services.
I stand with Planned Parenthood. Do you?
To make your profile picture pink, click this link.
To donate to Planned Parenthood, visit their website.
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