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David Archuleta Spills on His New Era & Those Viral Workout Videos

David Archuleta Spills on His New Era & Those Viral Workout Videos

David Archuleta
Photo: Cyrus Pamganiban

Following his successful run on The Masked Singer, the singer is ready for his exciting next chapter.


We still have a crush on David Archuleta.

The singer has amassed a huge group of passionate fans since his runner-up placement on season seven on American Idol.

Since then, Archuleta has gone on a journey of self-discovery and has learned to embrace who he truly is after coming out in 2021.

Most recently, the star "came out" once again on The Masked Singer, when it was revealed that he was the celebrity belting out plenty of iconic songs as Macaw. Archuleta repeated history by coming in second place on another singing competition show.

"Being this big, loud, colorful Macaw spreading my wings and showing my colors, I felt was really symbolic. It was uncomfortable for me to do, because I'm not used to it. I'm used to holding myself back. When you come out, a lot of that is learning how to step into a place that you're always ashamed of showing before," Archuleta tells PRIDE.

Since he's grown in his journey coming to terms with his sexuality, Archuleta is now entering an exciting new musical era with his new single "Up" dropping this Friday.

"I would say 'Up' is just a prelude of what's to come. 'Up' will be the intro of where I've come from and what direction I'm moving to now. I'm really excited to share new music. It'll be something new for my fans, but I think they will enjoy it because they know the journey I've been on. It'll just be a really fun place to bring people into after being in this icky place of life, to move into a place that's just upbeat and fun."

With the new song dropping right at the beginning of Pride Month, many fans will truly relate to the lyrics in Archuleta's new music.

"Being an openly queer person making music, accepting themselves fully in their queer identity, I feel like that's where I will really connect with people. Not just queer fans, [but] anyone who is learning how to be comfortable in their own skin. That's my whole goal. I'm just grateful for everyone following as I figure things out. It's a lot for me to figure out and I feel like people understand. Hopefully, whoever else is trying to figure themselves out... maybe this will encourage [them] to come forward and come out if they identify as a queer person."

Archuleta is truly coming into his own and fans are taking notice! The star is not only pushing himself musically, but he's also been showing off his gym progress online, which piqued the interest of many people on social media.

"I noticed an influx in my traffic with my posts (laughs)! I don't know if I would say I broke the internet, but I do know it brought a lot of traction to my socials."

Up drops everywhere this Friday. To see the full interview with David Archuleta, check out the video below.

David Archuleta Spills on His New Era Following 'The Masked Singer' & Those Viral Workout

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