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Drag Race Philippines Star Veruschka Levels On Snatch Game Regrets & Loving TV Villainy

‘DRP’ Star Veruschka Levels On Snatch Game Regrets & Loving TV Villainy

Veruschka Levels
Courtesy of World of Wonder

Plus, where she stands with her costar rival after their big blow-up.


Veruschka Levels stomped into the Werk Room ofDrag Race Philippines season two serving couture, drama, and a little bit of TV villainy — and she’s proud to say it!

The queen, who made the move from Hong Kong back to her home country to be a part of the show, is a multi-hyphenate talent. She’s a photographer and makeup artist along with being a model and drag queen. All of which is to say, she has no shortage of charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent — all of which she displayed both on the runway and in Untucked, where she frequently found herself at the center of the drama. Whether that was bringing rivalries between Captivating Katkat and Miss Jade So to a head or facing off with her friend-turned, well, less-than-frenemy, ØV Cunt.

While Verushka excelled in the fashion and design challenges, she struggled with Snatch Game. Her impersonation of Manny Pacquiao’s mother Dionisia put her in the bottom alongside Matilda and DeeDee Marié Holliday, and after a shocking three-way lip-sync she was asked to sashay away in episode four.

PRIDE caught up with the queen to talk about her thrilling time on the show, her regrets, why she embraces being a TV villain, where she stands with ØV now, and so much more.

Veruschka Levels

Courtesy of World of Wonder

PRIDE: Congratulations on Drag Race Philippines season two! Now that you’ve had some time and space from the competition, how are you feeling about your time on the show?

VERUSCHKA LEVELS: I’m feeling super grateful to be part of the show and I laugh a lot watching myself on television. I just used to watch the show and now I’m part of it! I’m happy about the response of a lot of people saying that I am “good TV,” That’s the most important thing, it solidified the reason why I was cast in the first place.

Watching Snatch Game and doing Snatch Game are two very different things. What did you learn from your time playing? What would you do differently a second time around?

Ugh it’s so stressful, people watching on TV have no idea. I would say, don’t drink lots of water because you can’t excuse yourself if you wanna pee — unless you wanna pee underneath that table. If there’s a second time around I will choose a character close to myself like a TV villain or something, even if it’s not funny, then forcing myself to get a funny character.

Did you have a backup character you considered playing as?

Actually, the character I portrayed is my backup character, someone told me something that made me change. I should have just listened to myself.

Veruschka Levels

Courtesy of World of Wonder

Do you feel like the right people ended up in the bottom three? If so, who do you think deserved to be in the bottom?

I don’t think I deserved to be in the bottom, it should be just DeeDee and Matilduh. Hahaha!

You had a bit of a rivalry in the Werk Room with ØV Cunt. Were you surprised by how serious it got? Have you spoken since the show?

I was surprised because we were so close in the beginning, like we were holding hands because we knew we would be the villains. I even said “If you’re a bitch, but I’m more bitchier than you” and we both laughed. It didn’t make it to the cut. He helped zip my dress, that’s why he knew my back was open (as he said there was a hole), I felt betrayed and it showed what kind of person he is. I haven’t spoken to him, we have nothing to talk about.

That three-way lip sync was a gag. What were you thinking and feeling when that happened?

I was like, “Shit !I’m wearing a dress!” I tried to change and wear a bodysuit underneath but it didn’t work so I painted my teeth to tap into a comedic lip sync. Well then, it wasn’t my time.

Veruschka Levels

Courtesy of World of Wonder

What are you most proud of from your time on Drag Race?

First of all, I’m proud of being goofy on my confessionals, hahaha so stupid but cute and shady. And I’m super proud of my runways — and the drama that made the most dramatic Untucked ever! Jade threw Katkat under the train out of nowhere and I asked Katkat if it was true, took the chocolate, and left! That was television Durado! 24 karat TV gold! A moment!

Is there anything you would change?

I would change my food runway — and Snatch Game for sure.

In the era of All Stars and Vs seasons, if given the chance to compete again, would you come back?

Of course! I will but I need to make money first. This journey wasn’t easy for me. I needed to leave my job and move back to the Philippines, and I spent a lot on logistics and costumes. Drag Race is expensive but it’s all worth it.

Veruschka Levels

Courtesy of World of Wonder

Was there a moment from your time that we didn’t get to see that you wish we would have?

My runway! I got real couture runway show pieces from famous Filipino designers.

What’s next for you?

Just working a lot and my personal projects are something to look forward to, as they will be different from what other queens usually do. You will see me in real couture shows. Trust the dutchess!

This interview was lightly edited for grammar and conciseness. Drag Race Philippines season is airing now on WOW Presents Plus.

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