Miss Manners Sides With Lesbians Grossed Out By Uncle's Offer to Donate Sperm

Miss Manners Sides With Lesbians Grossed Out By Uncle's Offer to Donate Sperm
Sunnivie Brydum

Judith Martin, who writes a "Miss Manners" column for the Kansas City Star, sided with a lesbian couple who was (understandably) squicked out when their gay uncle offered to provide a sperm donation to father the women's baby. 

The uncle, who penned a letter to Miss Manners saying he was "very upset" with the women, said when his niece and her wife got married, he "discreetly asked whether they planned on having children, in which case I would like to be the sperm donor." 

In a totally-predictable turn of events, the women "didn't say much in reply," and never brought up the uncle's unsolicited offer to father their children ever again. 

A year later, the women announced that they were expecting twins.

The uncle was righteously upset, and asked the grandfather-to-be if he knew the uncle had offered his spunk. "Yes," the grandfather said, "and it creeped out the girls."

Miss Manners tackled the issue with characteristic aplomb, explaining to the uncle that he doesn't seem to understand his offer does not, in fact, equate to offering newlyweds the family's heirloom china. 

"The only possible way to introduce this idea would have been if they had brought up the subject of having children, and you had requested permission, as an uncle, to make a personal inquiry," writes Martin. "And then, in a seemingly offhand way, you could have asked whether your niece was perpetuating the family genes. Had they then said, 'We can't do both sides,' you could have responded, 'Can I help?'"

Yes, that would have been the more appropriate route. Instead, this guy just perpetuated every girl's horrifying recollection of that creepy uncle who gets a little too affectionate when he's had too many beers at the family reunion.

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