WATCH: 5 Most Swoon-Worthy Lesbian Proposals That Could Become Legal Tomorrow

WATCH: 5 Most Swoon-Worthy Lesbian Proposals That Could Become Legal Tomorrow
Sunnivie Brydum

We finally know, for certain, that Wednesday, June 26, will see the U.S. Supreme Court issue its ruling on two cases relating to marriage equality. The Court is expected to issue rulings as early as 10 a.m. Eastern in both Hollingsworth v. Perry, the Proposition 8 case, and U.S. v. Windsor, the case challenging the so-called Defense of Marriage Act. 

In preparation for the ruling tomorrow — and to keep our hands and minds occupied in the intervening hours — we thought we'd take a look back at some of the sweetest proposals by lesbians and queer women that we've featured here at SheWired

We're keeping our fingers, toes, and eyes crossed in the hope that starting tomorrow, these newly engaged ladies can soon be lawfully wedded wives. 

Back in December, pro-equality hip-hop artist Macklemore took the stage at Sokol Auditorium in Omaha, Neb., to perform his marriage equality anthem "Same Love," just before Danielle Renae joined him on stage to surprise her girlfriend, Michelle Rogers, with a proposal. 

The couple are now married, and fighting to oppose a request from Renae's alma mater, Grace University, which expelled Renae one semester shy of graduation because she's a lesbian, then demanded she repay the tuition grant she was awarded, but had no chance to use in her final semester. You can join the couple's call for justice in a petition here

In the meantime, watch the touching proposal below. 

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Last December, Ali Scher popped the question to her girlfriend of nine years, Olivia Choate. But Scher got creative with the proposal, taking a page from an unexpected source — Russell Brand. 

Scher filmed a cover of Brand's song "Inside of You," featured in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. The raunchy song takes on an even more enjoyable tone when it's repurposed for lesbian love, and Scher clearly went all-out in filming the video, even getting Choate to appear in a few shots — all without spoiling the surprise of why, exactly, she was filming this video. On Tuesday, Scher used a bold-faced lie to get her future wife into a private screening of the music video. 

Watch the proposal video below:

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What’s cuter than lesbians in academy blazers? Well, lesbians in Glee-esque "Warbler" academy blazers crooning Katy Perry’s "Teenage Dream" while proposes proposes to her fiancée, that’s what!

Meet Ann and Jackie, who got engaged in April in true Glee style! Watch the tear-jerking, amazing video below.

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Christina and Alicia, avid hockey fans from Canada, were the highlight of the "Kiss Cam" at a March 2012 hockey game between the Toronto Maple Leafs game and the Ottawa Senators, when they got engaged in front of a packed arena.

It all started when Alicia, decked out in a Maple Leafs game jersey, was blindfolded and escorted onto the ice. Once she had a perfect view of the scoreboard, the blindfold was removed and she saw a message from her girlfriend Christina on the Jumbotron. The message read, "My love for you is a journey, starting at forever and ending at never. You’re my world Zing, XOX."

Christina, wearing a red Senators scarf, then emerged from one of the gates leading onto the ice. She made her way to Alicia, who was standing with the Ottawa Senators mascot. The couple exchanged some words, embraced to the delight of the crowd, and then Christina got down on bended knee.

The couple shared a kiss, waved to everyone, and left the rink arm in arm, as the team mascot waved a sign that read, “She said yes.”

Check out the heartwarming video below:

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Some future wives didn't even need video to convey their commitment. This adorable lesbian couple in New York got engaged on a rowboat in Central Park, under a rainbow of umbrellas that spelled out, "Will you marry me?"

While we don't have details on the couple, Joe.My.God. tells us that the woman rowed her girlfriend underneath the bridge as friends secretly gathered above to get in position to pop the question. Spectators gathered on the bridge and around the lake, and applauded when the bride-to-be said "Yes."

Photographers Justin Rudy and Andrew Jive documented the darling moment and shared the images on Flickr in an album titled "Operation Rainbow Umbrella." What a spectacular way to celebrate this couple's engagement, and the New York state law that allows these ladies to marry the woman they love. 

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