Don't Miss DapperQ's Smoldering Stylish 100 List

Don't Miss DapperQ's Smoldering Stylish 100 List
Sunnivie Brydum

For those who prefer to straddle the gender divide when it comes to fashion choices — and for those of us who can't stop drooling over sexy, dapper queer folks — the website DapperQ is likely a regular stop along the information superhighway. 

That's why we're so thrilled to see the site's new collection of "The 100 Most Stylish dapperQs" published yesterday. From time-honored gender-bending fashion icons like Ellen DeGeneres, Rachel Maddow, and k.d. Lang, to modern fashionistos like Britney Griner, Casey Legler, and Sonny Oram — founder and fashion blogger for Qwear — and Blake Calhoun of "The Curvy Lesbian," dapperQ's collection is the most swoon-worthy collection of queer folk we've seen in quite some time. 

Take a sneak peek at a few of our favorite entries from the list below, then go check out the full feature at dapperQ:

Meet Blake Calhoun, founder and fashion blogger at The Curvy Lesbian:


And LK Weiss, founder and fashion blogger at Jack Tar 207:

And last but most certainly not least, model Allex Knight:


No go explore the full list, and be prepared to swoon. Hard. 

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