Michigan Middle School Student Counters Bullying with Positive Post-Its on Lockers

Michigan Middle School Student Counters Bullying with Positive Post-Its on Lockers

Samantha Bremmer, a student at Mill Creek Middle School in Dexter, MI, is promoting anti-bullying among her classmates by sticking Post-Its with uplifting hand-written messages on their lockers, according to Dexter Patch.

Bremmer, who is in eighth grade, hopes her messages bring positive energy into the classroom. She spent her winter break personally – and at the end with some help from Ashley Sobczak so the project would get finished - writing 820 notes to post on each locker.

Bremmer told the Dexter Patch that she “just thought of it out of the blue after watching videos of so many people saying mean things to others.”

"Some people need encouragement to get through the day, and I thought it would be nice to leave a positive comment for everyone," she explained.

Bremmer said she hasn’t been the victim of bullying, but has seen plenty of it happen to friends and classmates. "It hurts me to see other people being mean. I feel real bad when I hear other students making mean comments."

Teachers, students and parents are all impressed by the gesture and the positive effect it has had on campus.

Sobczak and Bremmer both realized that middle school is a difficult time for many kids as they begin to find themselves, opening students up to bullying. "Middle school is about trying to fit in and learning how to find your group of friends," Sobczak said. "That can lead to drama. A lot of times, kids are trying to figure out who they are in middle school."

Bremmer hopes her notes will remind her peers how important it is to respect each other, and is looking forward to the remainder of the school year. 

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