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Starbucks Debuts LOVE Tumbler in Honor of Pride Month

Starbucks Debuts LOVE Tumbler in Honor of Pride Month

Iced-coffee gays rejoice! 


Just in time for Pride Month, Starbucks newest swag just yelled "GAY RIGHTS" at me!  

The company is now offering a limited-edition iridescent, rainbow tumbler that reads "LOVE," all to celebrate pride, kindness, love and diversity - for the price of $16.95 and only in the US and Canada.

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According the press release, the tumbler is "just the beginning of Starbucks support of the 50th anniversary of Pride month."

What's to come? We have no idea, but Starbucks is making it clear that they are an advocate for LGBTQ rights and their mission "to create a culture of belonging, inclusion and diversity. In addition to health benefits for partners in LGBTQ relationship, the company has also supported partners who are transgender or considering transitioning, and even broadened health care coverage to include gender reassignment surgery."

Gay rights!!

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