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25 Donald Trump Tweets That Are Insulting to Humanity

25 Donald Trump Tweets That Are Insulting to Humanity

25 Donald Trump Tweets That Are Insulting to Humanity

The strangest thing about these tweets is that he hasn't had enough basic sense to at least attempt deleting them. 


In a world where Donald Trump loves to say he didn't say things he definitely said, it's pretty bizarre that he keeps his Twitter as public and un-purged as it is. At this Sunday's debate alone, his Twitter fact-checked itself when he insisted he didn't direct people to an Alicia Machado sex tape (he definitely did). Now, I'm no pundit, but jeepers Mr. Trump, I think if your own Twitter disproves your assertions during a presidential debate, there's a problem! Of course, we all know Trump's Twitter went off the rails basically at its inception, but it's always a good time to remind ourselves that he did actually say these things, hasn't at least had enough sense to delete them, and continues to challenge just how horrific 140 characters can be on the daily! Although hey, we never know when he'll announce he never said these things after all.

Now, here are 25 of Donald's hundreds of mind-boggling, disgusting tweets that truly made us question the actual fuck. What's your favorite to cry over?

25. When he confused 'apologizing' with 'defending yourself' and decided that any discussion about sexual assault means shouting ISIS as loudly as possible. 

24. But don't worry, because he has great respect for women! Thank God. 

23. But also...he will 100% go back to his perverted ways? Pot call kettle orange, much. You can't have your pussy and grab it too, Mr. Trump. 

22. Literal quote from the second debate: "No, there wasn’t check out a sex tape."

SIR. THE FUCK? At least delete it before you try to say you never said it!

21. Phew, at least he likes Mexicans now. It was getting shady after all the 'drug/crime/rape' commentary.

20. Oh, but they're gonna pay for that wall? Either that meeting went real well for him, or Trump is lying about literally everything all the time. 

19. This is...this is not a good way to sell yourself, fella.

18. He promised, guys. That's how we know it's legit.

17. No way is this at all projection. Watch out, Hillary! Trump's going to say "Inner cities" and "Law and order" over and over again until everything's fixed.

16. Ah yes, a 'lose cannon' with bad 'insticts.' Gotta watch out for those, especially because they don't exist, so to see one would be mystical and fascinating. 

15. Yes, let's please encourage Russia or literally 'any other country' to hack our government and disseminate the info! That sounds safe and like it will make America great again.

14. Demonizing an entire religious group is super charming in nation built on freedom, equality, and not demonizing religious groups. It's definitely not dangerous, horrifying, and reminisent of Hitler at all. 

13. Oh good! Not only has he gone back on this gem, but let's hear what Trump's now got to say on those "sources..."


Trump. Kindly, I must re-ask: "the fuck?!"

11. Ah good, let's throw some anti-vaxxing views into this fuckery salad. 

10. Donald Trump cannot be president of America, but he is welcome to be president of whatever bizarre planet he lives on alone. 

9. Y'all, this is one of many tweets about Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. If only he was as not racist as much as he cares about Twilight gossip.

8. Ahh, there goes global warming. Glad we don't have to worry about that anymore.

7. Thanks a lot, China! Ya hear that, polar bears? What a waste of time all this concern has been.

6. Not only is Trump calling out his fave group, "the haters and losers," here, but he's also acknowledging that so many people call him "Fuckface Von Clownstick" that it's not even cool anymore. 

5. This is so disturbing on so many levels that I don't even have a snarky comment. 

4. At least he's inclusive. 

3. Why is this happening? What did we do as a people to deserve this?

2. Please return this man to the sender.

1. Well, the good news is, he's perfect. Nothing to worry about! Us haters and losers could never understand. 

And that's just the tip of the horrifyingly racist, disturbing, hypocritical ice berg! I urge you all to unfollow Donald Trump today. If you must read his tweets, find a round-up. To quote Donald himself, there's much better ways to spend our internet energy than on this "disaster." Register to vote, go to the polls, and let's work together to make Hillary Clinton the next president of the United States!

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