5 Blatant Lies in Hunter Avallone's Transphobic Rant

This is a photo of a transphobic YouTuber.
Dustin Diehl

Holy sh*t. Just when you think the younger generations are getting it right, embracing acceptance and level-headedness ... this happens and it reminds you there's still major work to be done.

Earlier this month, YouTuber Hunter Avallone posted a video titled "The Truth about Transgenders", which is a steaming pile of poo. Here's a dose of Avallone's "truth":

Yikes. This video is packed with "truths," but let's take a look at just a handful, shall we?

If you're going to make this argument, fine. But then you better be able to give a very clear definition of what "normal" actually is.

And good luck coming up with any sort of clear answer that considers the evolution of human sexuality, cultural differences, ethnic diversity, racial variance, religious influences ... yeah, you get the point. Unfortunately for Avallone, "normal" does NOT mean cisgen straight white man, despite what he may wish.

Sorry. Wrong. What's considered "masculine" and "feminine" has shifted (and continues to shift) over time. Make-up, high heels and elaborate hairstyles are totally "girl" things, right? Tell that to all the men who rocked this look in the late 1600s in Europe. Gender expression has always and will always evolve. And gender, sex and sexuality are not mutually exclusive.

"Chromosomes are what give you your gender." Nope, sorry Mr. Avallone. The word "gender" doesn't appear a single time on Wikipedia's page for the word "chromosome." They are connected to biological sex, not gender.

WTF. Clearly, Avallone has no idea what goes on during hormone treatments and gender confirmation surgeries. There is no "hacking" or "replacing." These are crude, reductionist and downright false terms used for a lengthy and expensive journey that, in fact, not all "transgenders" pursue.

And to say we're just "giving out" these types of procedures? Yeah, because $30K-$75K+ medical procedures that only 33 percent of the trans population undergo ... those are just "given out."

The diversity within the trans community is complex, and the nuances continue to evolve. Lumping all trans-variance into a single "transgender" bucket is, again, reductionist and ignorant.

In several of the news stories, Avallone calls out (particularly ones of men disguising themselves as women to gain access to women's restrooms for sexual purposes), there is actually no clear indication that these men identified as transgender. They were alleged sexual predators. But how is this an indictment against all people who identify as trans? This leads to our last "truth" ....

This one is actually true. However, what Avallone fails to grasp is this: His video isn't a simple disagreement. It's a crass, ill-informed, mean-spirited and immature rant backed by loosely strung together screenshots of news headlines and cherry-picked "facts."

In the span of seven minutes he manages to call fellow bloggers and those with different opinions "ugly," "hairy," "stupid," "nutcase," "retards" and "crazy." His uninformed opinion lumps an entire community in with sexual predators and mischaracterizes significant medical facts about a procedure and process he clearly knows very little about. The definition of bigotry is "intolerance toward those who hold different opinions from oneself." Yes, Avallone, you are a bigot.

Much of this video is about Avallone's feelings and opinions. Using language like, "This is something that bothers me to no end," and "I personally believe you should be required to use the bathroom based on your body" aren't exactly science-based facts, are they? And as he puts it, "Your feelings just don't matter. Only facts do."

I couldn't have said it better myself.

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