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We Rounded Up All Of Kate McKinnon's 'Whiskers R' We' Sketches Because Of Course

We Rounded Up All Of Kate McKinnon's 'Whiskers R We' Sketches Because Of Course

We Rounded Up All Of Kate McKinnon's 'Whiskers R We' Sketches Because Of Course

A cat is a glass of champagne, but it's a cat.


You know what we all need right now? Cats, Kate McKinnon, and our favorite actresses playing Kate's touchy lesbian lovers. Luckily, Saturday Night Live has blessed us with the magic that is 'Whiskers R' We,' a recurring sketch where guest stars attempt to awkwardly fondle Barbara DeDrew, a very focused cat rescue-runner played by a flawless Kate McKinnon. What ensues is endless cat puns, wigs that will confound you, and a delightful amount of unintentional laughing. Chances are, you've already fallen in love with these characters and their diverse crew of increasingly unique cats they'll try to hide in your car, so we've rounded them all up in one place so you can watch them easily and all the time. Who's your favorite pair?

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5. Charlize Theron as "Cat Moller."

You never forget your first Whiskers R' We experience. That shifty glance, that flower-print sweater, Charlize's stank-faced hatred of any kitten that's apparently trying to hit on Kate - what's not to love? 


4. Amy Adams as "Ashley," who doesn't get a fun cat name for some reason.

A cat has paws, claws, and zero flaws. Have there ever been truer words to live by? Whisers R' We's holiday cat giveaway sketch proved that lightening can indeed strike twice, or rather every single time we revisit Barbara DeDrew. 


3. Reese Witherspoon as "Purr-Sula."

Reese Witherspoon's character was kind enough to change her name to something cats could pronounce, and we're sure they appreciate it. One of the best moments of any Whiskers R' We sketch is watching Reese laugh wildly at her own delightfully bad cat puns. 


2. Melissa McCarthy as "Tabby-tha."

Here, we learned the true meaning of 'turtleneck goals.' It also provided us with this tried and true mantra: cats are your best shot at having a cat. Nailed it.


1. Kristen Wiig as "Furonica."

Kristen Wiig was Whiskers R' We's most recent arrival, and the first that Barbara DeDrew seems to have some returned interest in. We love Kate and Kristen's chemistry, and we love it even more when they can't seem to keep a straight (teehee) face. This truly is SNL gold.



We'll take about a thousand more of these, thanks.



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