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Netflix's New Sex-Positive Series Jessica Jones Could Give Marvel Its First Queer Female Lead 

Netflix's New Sex-Postive Series Jessica Jones Series Could Give Marvel Its First Queer Female Lead

Netflix's New Sex-Postive Series Jessica Jones Series Could Give Marvel Its First Queer Female Lead

Jessica Jones might be making history as the first queer lead in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and we can't wait a moment longer. 


Since the announcement that Marvel would be tackling Jessica Jones as its latest Netflix series following the massive success of Daredevil, we've had high hopes that it would probably be binge-worthy. However, the more we hear the more we're sure it actually might be one of our new favorite shows ever. Vulture's report on the show's New York Comic Con panel, where the pilot was screened, is nothing short of inspiring for several different reasons, including a description of an interaction between Jessica (the reliably sharp Krysten Ritter) and a former acquaintance that strongly hints there might have once been something romantic there. We don't have clips of the show yet, but definitely take some time to watch these incredibly awesome promos:

Even better, Jessica's presently ambiguous sexuality doesn't make her the only queer character on the show. Carrie-Anne Moss stars as Jeri Hogarth, a "high-powered lawyer" who hires superhero / private eye Jessica for a job. As Vulture describes, we learn Jeri is cheating on her female partner with a younger woman who we meet "nibbling and nuzzling" her neck during a work call. Always a great way to concentrate while on the phone.

Now, while Marvel's comic book universe actually does feature a substantial amount of queer characters, its cinematic universe has found itself without the involvement of nearly any at all (certainly no queer women), and the few men who are references as queer are reduced to jokes or casual references. That Jessica Jones seems as though it will feature a minimum of three queer characters is not only impressive (and great for our Netflix queues), but essentially monumental for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The sexuality of the show's women will not be played for jokes, laughs, or references, but instead as an inherent part of who they are. Yes please, and more of that always. 

Vulture also commends the show for featuring graphic depictions of Jessica realistically taking charge of her sexuality with the character Luke Cage (Mike Colter). This no-holds-barred, sex-positive angle is new territory for Marvel, but - as we know with Orange is the New Black - Netflix is certainly fond of depicting women taking control of their sex lives, so we feel it will be handled powerfully. Additionally, and on a very different side of the sexuality conversation, Jessica Jones features a prominent subplot about the rape and PTSD of two of its female characters, making it one (if not the only) of Marvel's first moments to realistically depict the pain and trauma of sexual assault, as well as the importance of discussing it openly. 

At this point, we have evidence that proves Jessica Jones might truly be game-changing for not only the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but for female characters on TV (as well as representation in many existing superhero universes). We can't wait to check this show out for ourselves and truly hope the hype is real.

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