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10 Worst Movie and TV Girl/Girl Sex scenes

10 Worst Movie and TV Lesbian and Bisexual Girl Sex Scenes

10 Worst Movie and TV Lesbian and Bisexual Girl Sex Scenes

"Rack 'em up, I feel hot tonight..."

Because sometimes they get it really wrong

10. Glee

Brittana playtimes seem to consist mainly of grade-school sleepover style activities, such as braiding each other's hair and pecking each other chastely on the lips. There's not just a single scene - it's all of them. 



9. Lip Service

Frankie gets it on with the receptionist at the mortuary after her aunt's funeral. In front of a corpse. And a shocked Cat. As if this awkward set of circumstances weren't enough, her frigging style is resemblant of someone scouring the inside of their oven.



8. The L Word

Carmen peeing on Jenny was just… wrong. Something tells us Shane wasn't actually advising a full-bladdered Mark to join in when she told him to “use the bushes”.



7. The Kids Are All Right

Where to even start? Ripped gay male porn stars on the bedroom TV, suffocating under duvets, awkward vibing… And all the while, their child is downstairs discovering that that's not how babies are made.



6. Bar Girls

It's hard to pick just one scene here… This bed-hopping extravaganza is lesbian clichérama plus plus. Dungarees over exaggeratedly heaving bosoms. You know you love it.



5. Kissing Jessica Stein

Guys, you're S-T-R-A-I-G-H-T. We get it. Did you really have to make us watch you work this out through whatever kind of bizarre, clumsy form of interpretive dance that was? Ouch. 



4. Go Fish

Max's sudden change of heart about “extra-crunchy” hippy Ely is hard enough to swallow without a cringeworthy bout of foreplay involving some nail clippers.



3. Claire of the Moon

Over a hundred minutes of anticipation, only to be landed with a romp so cheesy it would make Roquefort smell like roses. Vaseline up your screens, we're going for a ride.



2. If These Walls Could Talk: 2

Possibly one of Ellen Degeneres's best moments of comedy genius. It's a shame it was unintentional. She and Sharon Stone flap around at one another like confused seals who've had too much coffee. 



1. Blue Is the Warmest Color

A frenzied attempt to showcase as many lesbian sex positions as possible – and impossible - in the shortest amount of time. Because everyone's first-time girl-on-girl experience was totally like that, right? A classic example of overt gaying for pay. And the director made them use prosthetic vaginas? Whaaaa?

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