Married Evan Rachel Wood is Still Bisexual Y'all

Married Evan Rachel Wood is Still Bisexual Y'all
Tracy E. Gilchrist

Because some folks just can’t wrap their heads around the idea of bisexuality Evan Rachel Wood, who married beau Jamie Bell (of Billy Elliot fame) in Los Angeles earlier this week, has confirmed again that she is still bisexual, according to Just Jared.

Following the announcement that Evan was a married lady a fan hit her up on Twitter asking, ““Question, honestly not trying to be an a**. Just trying to understand. Does this mean you are not bi anymore? How [does] that work?”

Evan, who’s confirmed her bisexuality ad nauseum in publications including GQ, Esquire and Marie Claire, since she came out publicly in April of 2011, responded with a short,  sweet and patient answer writing, “No. It just means I am not single anymore ;).”

A flurry of news outlets jumped on the bisexual bandwagon after Evan came out asking often less-than-thoughtful questions about her sexuality.

A GQ interview with the Mildred Pierce and Ides of March star in the spring of 2011 asked her if it was just a “one-girl thing,” to which she replied, "I've been that way since I can remember. I remember growing up and loving when I knew there was a girl like me who I looked up to. I figured I should return the favor. You don't have to be ashamed."

Prior to the GQ interview Evan had told Marie Claire, "I can't say I'm one way or the other because I've honestly fallen in love with a man and I've honestly fallen in love with a woman. I don't know how you label that, it's just how it is."

So there you have it until the next time someone fails to understand how bisexuality works. 

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