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Neil Patrick Harris Sings the Paul Ryan Blues on This American Life

Neil Patrick Harris Sings the Paul Ryan Blues on 'This American Life'

Neil Patrick Harris Sings the Paul Ryan Blues on 'This American Life'

Talk about an October surprise...


We’ve all pictured it: alone at the local bar on a Monday night, Paul Ryan fingers a barren martini pick, one hand propping up a long face underneath the glaring spotlight. His puppy dog eyes trace the rim of his glass. He sighs. *Cue soft piano intro.*

"I knew some time ago, you didn't want what I could give you any more," Ryan laments in a surprising tenor. "I knew some time ago, this was not the party that it was for us before."

My version of the rest of this song involves sequin tuxedos and somber shimmies, but you can dream up your very own thanks to the This American Life podcast,WBEZ Chicago,Ira Glass, "Frozen" songwriters Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez, and the one and only Neil Patrick Harris.

The TAL episode (titled "Will I Know Anyone at This Party?") covers the changing landscape of the Republican Party during the time of He Who Shall Not Be Named For The Next Five Days Days. If you're curious about the effect of a bombastic pumpkin-man taking over one of the two major parties in the United States, and how that party is reacting, this is your show.

In the event you're more into musicals than electoral maps, go ahead and skip to 9:09 for an introduction to the number from love of my life Ira Glass, and best of luck trying not to think about Paul Ryan and those sequin tuxedos.

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