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Bad Bunny Sparks Debate After Hurling Phone Of Fan Who Wanted A Selfie

Bad Bunny Sparks Debate After Hurling Phone Of Fan Who Wanted A Selfie

Bad Bunny

Video of the incident left fans questioning whether he went too far.


Bad Bunny is catching heat after hurling a fan’s phone because he didn’t want to take a photo with her.

Video of the rapper walking with an entourage in the Dominican Republic began circulating on Twitter over the weekend. A woman comes up next to him and try to snap a selfie. He doesn’t appear to object, but rather, after several seconds, simply snatches the phone out of her hand and throws it far away from the group, seemingly towards a body of water.

According to Rolling Stone, someone in the group then commented, “You have to respect his space.”

Bad Bunny himself echoed that sentiment, writing on Twitter, “The person who comes up to me to say hello, to tell me something, or just to meet me, will always receive my attention and respect.”

“Those who come to put a phone in my face, I will consider it for what it is, a lack of respect and I will treat it like one,” he continued.

Some fans supported both his statement and his decision to throw the phone, suggesting that people have become too entitled when it comes to celebrities’ time and boundaries.

But others felt that Bad Bunny unnecessarily escalated the situation, and pointed out that while fans should be conscious of personal space, that doesn’t give celebrities, or anyone else, the right to destroy personal property in retaliation.

A short video clip may not have shown the entire interaction, or its context, but with what we know, it’s not a great look for either party.

What is Bad Bunny's real name?

Bad Bunny's real name is Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio.

Why is he called Bad Bunny?

Bad Bunny chose his stage name based on a photo that he shared of himself as a kid looking grumpy while wearing a bunny suit.

What is Bad Bunny's biggest hit?

Bad Bunny's biggest hit is his breakout song, "Diles."

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