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Bob The Drag Queen Drops Hilarious 'Booty' Animated Music Video

Bob The Drag Queen Drops Hilarious 'Booty' Animated Music Video

Bob The Drag Queen in “Booty” music video

The music video is a collaboration with Big Mouth director Alex Salyer.


Butts first.

On Friday, July 28, Bob The Drag Queen dropped a dazzling and hilarious new music video for “Booty.” This is one of the tracks from her latest EP, Gay Barz, which was released in February.

In the video, Bob first acts like a fitness instructor who is about to conduct a virtual workout session with Monét X Change. But as soon as Monét bends down to grab something off the floor and Bob notices her big ass, they turn into animated characters for the “Booty” music video.

You can watch Bob’s animated music video for “Booty” below.

This incredible new music video was directed and produced by Alex Salyer, best known for his work on Netflix shows like Big Mouth and Human Resources. Other animators include Frank Gidlewski, Will Heff, Brent Jones, Tyler Letson, and Mike Moloney, with Kevin Piper serving as the animation editor.

“My love for animation goes way back,” says Bob wrote in a statement. “It’s such a remarkable skill set. Sam Garfield [track producer] gave me a great beat and Alex Salyer just ate this animation.”

Salyer added, “Bob loves booty, I love booty… and I’ve animated tons of booty in my career so this collaboration felt like a match made in heaven! Bob came to me with a clear vision of what he wanted but also pushed me to pitch my own gags and ideas as we went along. In the end, it really feels like our own little cartoon baby that combines both of our senses of humor. Bob thinks like a cartoonist in that he has this ability to visualize surreal imagery, and explain it so clearly.”

The “Booty” track and video are full of references, from Destiny’s Child to MC Hammer to Christmas to Full House. Bob also notes in the lyrics that she doesn’t discriminate against any booty, as long as it looks good.

As always, Bob delivers on creativity, ingenuity, and comedy – we stan!

Bob The Drag Queen’s Gay Barz is available on all music streaming platforms.

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