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Watch The First 10 Minutes Of For The Love Of DILFs Episode 6 Now!

Watch The First 10 Minutes Of For The Love Of DILFs Episode 6 Now!

Charles and Prince in the pool in for the love of dilfs
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Love and drama are in the air for our favorite Daddies and Himbos — and a twist is about to change the game forever.


We are now far enough into the competition on For The Love of DILFs that real, deep connections are starting to form, which means the action in the house is heating up, but the emotional stakes are also getting high for a few of the couples, including one on the cusp of truly falling in love.

Last week, the love triangle between Leryia, Matt, and Jeffrey came to a bittersweet end, with Matt making his choice. Fortunately, Jeffrey didn’t fly solo for long and discovered perhaps his prince charming was there all along when he spends more time with the ultimate romantic of the crew, Tony Cannoli

Speaking of Prince Charming, the house’s newest addition, Prince, moved in and immediately left his mark (literally) on Charles... well on his cakes, anyway.

For Gordon and Mateo, their connection is only getting hotter and hotter, as the two got very steamy on their solo date. While, Tokeyo and Daddy Tony remain a united front (and back).

It was all good news for the Daddies and Himbos last week, as not only did no one have to go home, but they got to get up close and personal, sharing beds for the first time.

This week, Prince and Charles continue to get closer, this time taking their physical connection in a deeper more emotional direction by sharing their painful upbringings and realizing just how much they have in common. They also make a strategic move to become the new power couple of DILF Manor.

And they aren't the only ones feeling love is in the air!

The truth is you never know what’s coming in this house, as the couples quickly learn when Stormy announces this week’s challenge: A compatibility test that puts the pressure on the couples by exposing who is and isn’t truly meant to be. But even more importantly, its results will change the game forever.

Whew, these Daddies and Himbos really know how to keep us on our toes. But that’s just why we love them oh-so-much.

For The Love of DILFs is streaming on OUTtv. Watch the first 10 minutes of episode six below.

Love and drama are in the air for our favorite Daddies and …

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