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LGBTQ-Inclusive Rebelde Reboot Canceled By Netflix After Two Seasons

LGBTQ-Inclusive 'Rebelde' Reboot Canceled By Netflix After Two Seasons

Rebelde reboot

Unlike the original series, Netflix’s Rebelde featured a queer guy as one of the main characters.


In 2022, Netflix rebooted Rebelde as a new and more modern TV series adaptation of the hit Mexican telenovela.

This new Rebelde reboot featured a queer character, Luka Colucci, played by actor Franco Masini. In the story, Luka was showcased as a snobby high schooler from Argentina who was outed as gay by Jana Gandía Cohen (played by Azul Guaita).

Unfortunately, this new Rebelde series has now been canceled by Netflix after just two seasons. Sergio Mayer Mori, who played Estebán Torres on the show, revealed this cancelation news during an interview with Hola Mexico.

“It would be an honor for me to be able to do a third, fourth, and fifth [season of Rebelde], but that was no longer possible,” Mori told the publication. “It was Netflix. The producers told us, ‘Thanks for everything, guys. But a third season is no longer happening.’”

When asked to elaborate on the reasons why Rebelde had been canceled, Mori replied: “I have no idea why. It was definitely not my decision.”

Rebelde is the second cancelation of a Spanish-speaking LGBTQ+ show on Netflix this week alone, following the cancelation of Smiley earlier in the week. With that said, it should be noted that Rebelde was a Mexican production, whereas Smiley was a Spanish production, so they aren’t connected by country of origin.

In the meantime, certain Spanish-speaking LGBTQ+ shows continue to thrive on Netflix, with a seventh season of Élite currently on the way.

The two first seasons of Rebelde are available for streaming on Netflix.

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