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Before there was “gay” or “lesbian,” if you were attracted to someone of the same sex you were simply known as a homosexual. Today, this term sounds a bit medical, and reduces these identities to strictly attraction—when, in reality, “gay” and “lesbian” are markers of a rich and long culture just as much as they are markers of sexual orientation. Even medical professions today prefer the term “men who have sex with men” (MSM) over homosexual. Still, has the latest on homosexual news, celebrities, and voices.

Adult star Joey Mills teases his ultimate fantasy scene

Everyone's favorite twink is leaving little to the imagination.

Adult film star Dom King is opening up on his guilty pleasures

Outside of making spicy content, the star is sharing his favorite hobbies that we can all relate to.

Newyear Kitiwhut & Both Nuttapong are officially engaged after Thailand legalizes marriage equality

This is the type of news we love to see in Pride Month!

20 people in history you didn't know were queer

From Alexander to Florence Nightingale, there are many people in history who were totally queer.

JORDY says Sniffies, cruising, & self-love inspired his spicy new album

The gay pop star is stepping into his own with his hot new record.

Pornhub drops shocking gay porn insights for Pride Month 2024 (exclusive)

You won't believe which demographic is way more into gay spicy content than you'd expect.

Adult entertainer Dom King is teasing his fans with a potential submissive era

Plus, the star is revealing his dream scene partner.

Eliad Cohen enters his daddy era with new music and plenty of steamy circuit parties

Feast your eyes on this hunk who's truly doing it all.

Johnny Sibilly reveals his spicy bedroom preferences & if he'd join OF (exclusive)

The hunky actor says he’s ready to show some skin during an exclusive interview with PRIDE.

Adult star Max Lorde breaks down THAT viral video about his bottoming tips

In an exclusive interview with PRIDE, the star is clarifying his pre-shoot regimine.

JORDY reveals his bedroom preferences & drops sexy new single (exclusive)

The pop singer is entering his hot girl era and has no problem showing his spicy side with PRIDE.

Meet Rhyheim Shabazz — the adult star who won Performer of the Year at the 2024 GayVN Awards

We've compiled some hot photos our Man Crush Monday that you have to see to believe.

What exactly is 'queer' and should we keep using the term?

This can be touchy depending on who you ask, but it's important to understand either way.

All The Ways Adult Star Josh Moore Blows Us Away

The popular content creator has made history multiple times and always gives his fans what they want.

​Jake Wesley Rogers Joins Kesha on Tour to Spread His Gay Energy Across America

The singer is spreading LGBTQ+ love by performing in cities coast to coast.

HGTV Couple Keith Bynum & Evan Thomas Reveal Their 10th Anniversary Plans

The designing duo is busier than ever, but still making time for their relationship.

Gay Weatherman Erick Adame Reveals if He'll Join OnlyFans

The former meteorologist is contemplating a spicy career change.

20 Gay Movies That Actually Have Happily-Ever-After Endings

Sometimes you just want a feel-good film.

Michael & Matt Get Candid on Starting a Family as a Queer Couple

The queer content creators are documenting their journey as they embark on their next chapter.

Scruff to Buff: A Timeline of Body Hair Among Gay Men

Scruff to Buff: A Timeline of Body Hair Among Gay Men