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Softball Player Fakes Injury Before Things Take a Romantic Turn

Watch Softball Player Fake Injury in Sweet, Viral Lesbian Proposal Vid

Watch Softball Player Fake Injury in Sweet, Viral Lesbian Proposal Vid

Truly peak lesbianing right here.


Most viral videos with some variation on “and you won’t believe what happened next” turn out to not be all that surprising, but a queer-themed softball video making the rounds managed to take that delightful left turn as promised.

Sara Riou looked like she was having a rough go of it during a softball match in Perth, Australia. After the pitcher threw the ball, she collapsed to the ground, seemingly hurt.

Members of the other team went to check on her, as did her coach, before someone called her girlfriend, Jacinta Comande, over to assist. Sara struggled to get up — but it was all a ruse. She got up on one knee and popped open a ring box.

The video first went viral on TikTok after Jacinta shared it, calling the experience “the most epic proposal I could of ever dreamt of.” She also did a follow-up video answering some questions.

“Both of our families and closest friends were there,” she wrote. “The catcher from the red team is my best friend.”

She also said that Sara’s coach was in on the plan, but it seemed like everyone else on the field was as surprised as Jacinta herself.

Queer proposal videos are still such a win with the LGBTQ+ community, and people were fawning over how particularly gay this one managed to be.

“Sara had told me it was this huge game and that she’d invited all our friends and family down to watch,” Jacinta told The Daily Mail, adding that she “didn’t suspect a thing.”

And yes, the teams totally finished the game after pausing for this special moment.

“[A]nd I walked back to the stands as an engaged woman,” Jacinta said.

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