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Watch: The Best Lesbian Wedding Video Ever!

Watch: The Best Lesbian Wedding Video Ever!

Epic Filmmakers has put together what is arguably the most adorable, touching, funny and sweet lesbian wedding video ever.

Meet Jenna and Jess, who met at a  lesbian bar in New York in 2006 and the rest became history. It was kismet that Jenna and Jess should meet up with the folks at Epic Filmmakers to create what is arguably the most adorable, touching, funny and sweet lesbian wedding video ever.

Watch "Jenna + Jessica Two for One Drink Special." And be sure to check out Jenna's blog CT Ain't So Bad. 


Jenna and Jess were kind enough to share with us their story as they have told it to others. Here's Jenna and Jess' story in their words: 

Telling a story never quite recreates the scene, unless you were there of course.  It was a rainy November night in New York City…November 19, 2006 to be exact.  Jenna decided to skip hanging out with her friend in CT to be wingman to another who was meeting a girl for the first time.  Jess was in Surgical Technologist School and going down to New York City every weekend to party it up with her two best friends and make out with any girl she could.

We were totally not each other’s types and we actually never saw each other till the end of the night.  Jess says that it was Jenna’s friend Keri who caught her eye, and although Keri complimented Jess on her outfit and Jess couldn’t believe that the girl she thought was the hottest at the club that night talked to her, Jess realized that Keri was with another girl and so our nights went on separately.   

Later in the evening, Jess went to the bar for another beer and Keri acknowledged her and she started talking to all of us.  Neither of us really remembers how we started talking or even what made Jess end up ditching her friends to fend for themselves that night, but nonetheless our 1st evening together was epic, the juiciest of details can only be explained in person.  On the more boring but still funny side, it did involve going to a corner store for more beer--Blue Moon and an orange, which turned out to be a grapefruit. 

So, a random night in NYC with two people who didn’t live there ended up being the beginning of Jenna and Jess, the two craziest lesbians you’ll ever meet.  We actually sometimes have more fun going out alone together because there’s never any drama--imagine that--and we end up attracting and meeting some really interesting people and witnessing some unbelievable moments. 

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We don’t want to make you read too lengthy of a story but we wanted to let you know that it is kind of amazing and funny but Jenna’s parents have actually been pressuring us to marry for years now!  Jess isn’t really into the whole thing, maybe it’s from her parents’ pasts, but whatever the reasoning, it’s been Jess that has slowed down the train on marriage. 

Well, this December 1, 2011 marked our 5 year anniversary and we went out to the same Thai place where Jenna originally asked Jess to be her girlfriend. We had good food and went to great beer bars before and after dinner.  We both decided not to do material gifts this year but to surprise each other with an activity at some point to celebrate the 5-year mark.

On December 16, 2011, Jess took Jenna on a road trip and wouldn’t tell her where she was headed.  We drove for over four hours, at one point going the wrong way on a highway that unfortunately had the nearest exit 25 miles away, which totally pissed Jess off because she is so good with directions.  Jenna kept trying to guess where we were going, but lucky for Jess, Jenna is terrible with directions and it took a while until she realized.

Our destination was Provincetown.  Jess likes to make a point every time we tell our story that we didn’t go because it’s a place we go. The reason we went was to go ring shopping.  We once went on a short trip as part of our yearly family vacation with Jenna’s parents and saw this unique little shop that has amazing pieces; we’ve wanted to go back for 2-3 years now. 

Blah blah --the fun part of the story is how Jess proposed to Jenna.  Jess found this wonderful little B&B right in town that had an outdoor Jacuzzi and an in-room fireplace.  We arrived in the evening and wanted to get use of that Jacuzzi before our dinner reservation.  Jess had surprised Jenna with all the expensive big bottled beers we love as well as a few we never tried; we poured a glass each to take to the Jacuzzi.  We enjoyed the cool air and clear skies but we soon finished our glasses and realized we forgot the rest of the bottle upstairs in our room; Jess got out of the warm water to go and get it.  Jenna probably sat there for 20 minutes but had an inkling she may be doing something shady for her so she waited patiently.  When Jess finally came down she had the bottle, but also had a band-aid on her knee and had to explain why she didn’t want to put her right leg into the hot tub again.  Jess had gone upstairs to our cozy room, attempted to find the light in the dark and tripped over our suitcase falling into and breaking the coffee pot, having the staff clean her mess and realized that she was bleeding!  So that’s what took so long!  Then when she went to get into the hot tub with her left leg and the beer, she knelt down on it and asked Jenna to marry her!  She said Jenna’s full name, middle name and all and of course Jenna had to screw with her in the middle and say, “that’s not my middle name!”  This is the essence of Jenna and Jess…want to know more?  Please consider us as winners!

Epic Filmmakers is a  boutique wedding film studio that believes in visual storytelling and preserving life's most precious moments. Our team of creative filmmakers carefully craft each of our films with the goal in mind of creating a piece of cinema that you'll love to watch over and over again. Our films tell the personal story of each of our couples, while highlighting the little moments that build into the unforgettable memories throughout the day. Every epic love story makes it to film. Let Epic Filmmakers capture yours.

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