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13 Surprise Guests We’re Dying to See at Taylor Swift’s 1989 Tour

13 Surprise Guests We’re Dying to See at Taylor Swift’s 1989 Tour

13 Surprise Guests We’re Dying to See at Taylor Swift’s 1989 Tour

Taylor Swift is a viral powerhouse as of late for her many A-list guests joining her on the 1989 World Tour – which got our wheels spinning as to who we want to see strut that runway alongside her. Here are the 13 surprise guests we’re dying to see by the end of this tour!

1. Caitlyn Jenner: Tay is already bffs with Kendall Jenner – so not only is this doable, this is our number one draft pick!guest1

2. Carrie Underwood: Carrie would be the perfect powerhouse vocalists to bring Tay back to her country roots and maybe even sing Carrie’s hot new single 'Smoke Break'.guest2

3. John Mayer: We just want a 'Wonderland/Body is a Wonderland' mashup. IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK FOR?! guest3

4. Selena Gomez: Tay’s #1 has yet to make her presence known on the 1989 stage – but this is inevitable, right? guest4

5. Pentatonix: Known for their epic covers, this is an obvious choice for Taylor especially on the cusp of Pentatonix’s debut album. Guest5

6. Any and all of the Real Housewives: Tbh, I just want to hear what Taylor’s tagline would be.guest6

7. Lady Gaga: These ladies have so much love for each other, they need to share it on stage, ASAP. guest7

8. Demi Lovato: 'Cool for the Summer' – that is all. Wait, also Taylor whispering 'don't tell your mother'- that too.guest8

9. Zac Efron: A shirtless Zac Efron strutting the runway during 'Style' is my wet dream.guest9

10. Shania Twain: The queen of crossover country taking the 1989 stage would be an amazing nod to an amazing legend! guest10

11. One Direction: We would live for a 'Drag Me Down' duet and a Harry/Taylor reunion. guest11

12. Jennifer Lawrence: Y'all...the quirkiness that would ensue.guest12

13. Britney Spears: Two queens of pop. One Stage. Yes.  guest13

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