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The Spice Girls Changed a Song Lyric to Be More Inclusive

Rachel Kiley

As four of the five original Spice Girls continue to do the press rounds in preparation for their upcoming reunion tour through the UK, Emma Bunton has cleared up some long-time speculation that one of their songs had undergone a lyric change years ago to be more inclusive.

If you’re most familiar with the album version of “2 Become 1,” you undoubtedly remember the line “Any deal that we endeavor, boys and girls feel good together.”

But if you ever heard the song on the radio, or saw the music video, or maybe even paid close attention at the concerts, you may have noticed that Geri Halliwell instead sang “Once again if we endeavor, love will bring us back together.”

It turns out, the switch wasn’t random.

“We changed the lyrics in a hotel,” Bunton told Gay Times. “We were traveling and we were like, ‘Absolutely, it needs to be changed.’ We felt like it needed to be more inclusive.”

The revelation that the song was adjusted to be more inclusive to the LGBTQ community comes on the heels of a “revelation” from fellow Spice Girl Melanie Brown that she and Geri hooked up during their early years — a claim denied by Geri.

Regardless of where any of them land on the sexuality spectrum (though Mel B is openly bisexual), it’s clear the women all have a deep appreciation for their LGBTQ fan base.

“Thank goodness we’re living at a time where everyone is supporting each other so much more now,” Bunton said. “Whenever you do G-A-Y there’s just this energy from the crowd that is like no other.”

“You notice that support — it’s incredible.”

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