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See How Many Hate Groups Are In Your State

See How Many Hate Groups Are In Your State

See How Many Hate Groups Are In Your State

Hate is America's morning cup of coffee. 


With the dawn of Trump's campaign, hate has taken center stage in the United States. Hate has always been here because we were a country founded by oppressors and marginalizers, built by the hands of those they said were less human, less attractive, and less worthy of liberty and an equal opportunity at life. Hate is America's morning cup of coffee. People hate non-traditional, they hate difference, they hate empowerment, they hate liberation, they hate their privilege being challenged, and they hate equality because they've been up for so long that coming down to meet everyone else feels like oppression to them.

Those hate-for-breakfast type of people now have all sorts of technologies to connect with one another, to groom and cultivate their rage. When they come together they become known as hate groups, though lord knows there is plenty of hate out there that's just a little less organized and official but is still just as concentrated. The sad thing is, people believe that radical movements like white supremacy are of the past. Newsflash: there are still neo-Nazis, KKK members, bigots, racists, sexists, and everything the powers that be want to convince you don't exist in our post-racial, post-everything bad society.

If you don't believe me, check out this interactive map, made by the Southern Poverty Law Center, which shows how many hate groups exist in your state. Unsurprisingly, Texas tops the list while Maine and Connecticut have the least, with only two each. That's not saying two hate groups are okay, it's just that given the current state of the world, you sometimes have to find good in the bad.

The map was organized and compiled using the methods below.

Click here to check the map and find out how much hate proudly stands in your state. And let's hope that maybe a map will knock some sense into people, and finally wake them up to the hateful realities of the world.

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