Gaga Tells Gaultier She's Bisexual and Single

Gaga Tells Gaultier She's Bisexual and Single
Tracy E. Gilchrist

It’s not news that Lady Gaga is bisexual but she expounded on her identity in an interview with Jean Paul Gaultier when he asked her if she calls herself “lesbian, bisexual or trisexual.” The “Born this Way” diva also commented how she doesn’t have a boyfriend or a girlfriend but she doesn’t exactly consider herself single.

Gaga reiterated that she’s bisexual saying, “I guess yes, I would call myself a bisexual.” But she was quick to add that she’s never fallen in love with a woman. “But I almost feel that it's not fair to say that because I've never really been in love with a woman before. I like women, sexually, but I have always gravitated towards gay men,” Gaga added.

Later in the interview Gaultier asked Mother Monster about her fiancé / boyfriend Luc Carl but she responded, “I don’t have a boyfriend.” Gaultier then asked Gaga if she had a girlfriend, to which she replied, “No. I’m married to my fans.”

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