New WEB Series with Lesbian Character - '617' Episode 1: One-Nighters - Video

New WEB Series with Lesbian Character - '617' Episode 1: One-Nighters - Video

There’s a new web series out which you don’t want to miss! Cat, one of the six main characters in 617, is a lesbian. Think of the series as Sex and the City meets Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and structured like Friends.

The first episode of 617 (yes, like the area code) was just released, so check it out below, because Cat and her one-night stand get plenty of screen time.

Here is the show’s synopsis:

In Boston, Massachusetts, the birthplace of America's only Revolution, a city that survived an 86-year curse, where the cobblestone out numbers its inhabitants and bartenders are the equivalent to rock-stars, six twenty-something's attempting to navigate life will share laughs, successes and the oft-frequent hangover. (All of which can be the result of an Irish Car-bomb.) With a little guidance from some recognizable locals, three friends from their childhood days in Quincy – Griffin, Scotty and Sully – and three friends from their formative/informative college years – Alana, Siobhan and Cat – will discover what life and love off the Red Line in the hub of New England has to offer.

Forget Whitey Bulger, bank-robbing Charlestown folk and those Southie boys who like to beat up the Hahvard kids – this is the true story of six individuals picked to live in a house off the Boston Harbor. (Ok, so maybe not – but you get the point.)

The series, created by Katie Shannon and Amy DePaola, stars Slaine, Patrick Driscoll, Nick Apostolides, Michael Underhill, Audrey Claire Johnson, Kris Sidberry and Gigi Raines. 

For your enjoyment, here is the debut episode of 617. Get more info on the 617 website, and if you like the episode, head over to their Kickstarter page to contribute to the production of more episodes!

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