Cee Lo Sends 'The Voice's' Out Folk Singer Sarah Golden Home - Video

Cee Lo Sends 'The Voice's' Out Folk Singer Sarah Golden Home - Video
Tracy E. Gilchrist

As of Monday’s Battle Rounds on The Voice the hit singing competition will feature one less out contestant, with judge Cee Lo Green choosing to send home Houston-based folk singer and lesbian Sarah Golden over raspy rocker Juliet Simms.

Cee Lo paired Juliet with Sarah on Rod Stewart’s “Stay with Me,” a song choice he practically gift-wrapped for Juliet, although Sarah demonstrated incredible range pushing beyond her folk roots to obtain a real raw rock sound. 

While Cee Lo admitted it was difficult to send either woman home, in the end, he picked Juliet to move on to the live shows.

For Sarah’s blind auditions, where she sang a slow-burn version of Lady Gaga’s “You and I,” producers masked her identity from the viewers until Cee Lo became the first judge to press his button and turn around. The effect was intended to highlight the show’s premise of judging based on sound not physicality. The voice-over intro to Sarah’s blind audition focused on how she had been judged solely on her looks in the music industry, thus making The Voice the perfect venue for her to be heard before being seen.

Following her elimination from the show Sarah told social media correspondent Christina Milian, "It's not even about losing, it's about thanks NBC, thanks the show, thanks everybody," she said. "I don't think you know what it's like to be told repeatedly, 'You're not going to make it because you look like that'. I was never told that once on this show.”

For LGBT fans looking for a worthy contestant to root for, Erin Martin, who's voice is wildly unique and who brought her girlfriend to the blind auditions, has yet to go up for the Battle Round. 

Congrats to Sarah to making it to the Battle Rounds and for representing folk singers. Here is Sarah’s battle with Juliet.

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