Girls' Guide to Newfest 2012 - New York's LGBT Film Festival

Girls' Guide to Newfest 2012 - New York's LGBT Film Festival

NewFest 2012 is upon us, and there are a couple of new partnerships you need to know about before trotting over to New York’s premier LGBT Film Festival. The biggest change is the venue change. Due to a new partnership with the Film Society of Lincoln Center, the festival is heading to the esteemed venue. That’s right. The Lincoln Center. So, swank up and look classy. Another difference this year is that NewFest has partnered with Los Angeles’ Outfest, so many of the films that debuted earlier this month on the West coast will also have a subsequent East-coast premiere at the New York festival. NewFest has really earned its name this year with new, new, and more new. Check it out July 27 – 31. For your perusal, here’s our guide to the most girl-friendly films NewFest 2012 has to offer.

The following films were at Outfest that are also at NewFest :

My Best Day — Saturday, July 28, 4:15 pm, Walter Reade Theater

Story: Karen juggles a visit from her long-lost father while living in a small town, and her co-worker Megan struggles to choose between her longtime girlfriend and a new love.

Born Naked (MLB) — Monday, July 30, 5:00 pm, Walter Reade Theater

Story: This documentary takes its title from the famous RuPaul quote, "We're all born naked, and the rest is drag." 23-year-old Spanish filmmaker Andrea Esteban and her girlfriend travel to Madrid, Berlin and London to meet young lesbian and trans activists, artists and journalists.

I Am a Woman Now — Sunday, July 29, 8:15 pm, Walter Reade Theater

Story: This charming Dutch documentary features a group of 70-something trans women who were some of the first to get gender reassignment surgery decades ago and who tell the stories of their lives.

Young & Wild — Tuesday, July 31, 8:30 pm, Walter Reade Theater

Story: A seventeen-year-old in Chile can't express her obsession with sex around her evangelical family. She takes to the web to detail her sex life while maintaining the balancing act of dating a man and a woman at the same time.

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Mosquita y Mari — Monday, July 30, 7:15 pm, Walter Reade Theater

Story: Yolanda, a studious 15-year-old girl, and Mari, her feisty new neighbor, develop a friendship that embodies awkward first love and first desire.

Kiss Me — Sunday, July 29, 2:00 pm, Walter Reade Theater

Story: In this subtitled Swedish romantic drama, a woman preparing to be married faces life-changing decisions when she begins a love affair with another woman.

Stud Life — Saturday, July 28, 2:00 pm, Walter Reade Theater

Story: When British stud JJ and her best friend Seb go exploring in LGBT London, JJ falls for a mysterious femme while Seb finds himself dealing with online hookups and a clingy drug dealer.

Cloudburst — Friday, July 27, 4:00 pm, Walter Reade Theater

Story: Olympia Dukakis and Brenda Fricker play a lesbian couple headed for Canada to get married who pick up a gay hitchhiker along the way.

Also, About Face: Supermodels Then and Now will be screening at NewFest. This documentary explores the lives of some of the fashion world's most legendary models, highlighting the complex relationship between physical appearance and the business of beauty. The screening will be at 8:00 pm on Sunday, July 29, at the Film Center Amphitheater.

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