Watch: Dr. Drew's Got Creepy Daddy Issues Around Romi Klinger's Bisexuality

Watch: Dr. Drew's Got Creepy Daddy Issues Around Romi Klinger's Bisexuality
Tracy E. Gilchrist

The Real L Word season 3 wraps tonight and cast member Romi Klinger has been making the media rounds discussing how she’s been treated by friends and fans since she began dating men again this past year.

Last night Romi appeared on Dr. Drew’s HLN show, inspiring the good doc to break into nothing less than a creepy, condescending “I want to take care of you vibe.” Dr. Drew (Pinsky), a board certified physician and addiction specialist to the stars, lets Romi know that he’s having an “emotional reaction” to her story that people are being “abusive” toward her for dating men again.

Romi began the Real L Word’s third season dating her ex boyfriend Jay, left him for her ex girlfriend Kelsey and then left her for her ex boyfriend Dusty. Since the outset of the season she’s been open about lesbian friends and fans who’ve shunned her for dating men. She appeared on Dr. Drew’s show to discuss resistance to bisexuality from the lesbian community and was treated to Dr. Drew’s own issues regarding his need as a man to protect her. Using his own feelings as a jumping off point to inquire about Romi’s relationship with her biological father he said, “I’m having a powerful reaction to what you’re going through… I’m having a really powerful rescue feeling.” He then delved into Romi’s issues around whether or not she’s got issues from lacking a father figure in her life.

And if it weren’t enough to have one creep obsessed with women’s daddy issues abusing his power Dr. Drew attempted to draw in a man off camera – a producer on the show perhaps?--whom he perceived to have had a similar reaction of wanting to protect Romi.

“Dave, you had it too,” Dr. Drew says. “We want to rescue you from all this.”  He went on to ask if men try to come to her aid, and then suggested that it would not necessarily be healthy for her to date some men based on their desire to take care of her, all the while using his position as a sensitive, caring daddy type to get her to spill her guts.

Beyond the implication that Dr. Drew and Dave (whoever he is) could possibly rescue Romi from the hateful lesbians of the world, his tying questions about her father to her being bisexual is just plain insulting.

I realize that the clip is just a piece of a longer interview, but talk about an attempt to abuse his power as a physician to advance his agenda. In words of my favorite blogger, Michael K. at, I just “can’t” with this interview. Just ewwww.

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