Watch: Santana Serenades Brittany with 'Mine' in 'Glee's' 'The Break-Up'

Watch: Santana Serenades Brittany with 'Mine' in 'Glee's' 'The Break-Up'
Tracy E. Gilchrist

Glee was an absolute tearjerker this week that saw four of its core couples at odds in an episode entitled “The Break-Up.” On the upside Naya Rivera returned for the first time this season and arguably stole the show with her heart rending version of Taylor Swift’s “Mine,’ which she sang to her true love Brittany (Heather Morris).  


However, as the episode was called “The Break-Up,”  not all was rosy with Lima’s most adorable lady couple. Following her song Santana confessed to Brittany that she’d had an energy exchange with a girl at college. Thanks to flashback, viewers got to see that she and a girl armed with the Virginia Woolf collection, had checked Santana out, and Santana returned the favor.

While Santana explained that she would never cheat and that she didn’t want to full-on break-up with Brittany, she strongly urged that the long-distance thing just doesn’t work. They kissed and bade farewell for now.

Here’s Santana ripping collective hearts to shreds with “Mine.” 

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