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Todrick Hall Revealed an Ugly Secret About His Cameo Page on Live TV

Todrick Hall Revealed an Ugly Secret About His Cameo Page on Live TV

Todrick Hall Revealed an Ugly Secret About His Cameo Page on Live TV

Did he forget the cameras were rolling?


Todrick Hall’s time on Celebrity Big Brother might just blow up his Cameo income.

The YouTuber was caught on camera explaining just how little effort he puts into the videos people pay sometimes hundreds of dollars for him to make on Cameo, which allows pseudo-celebrities to connect with fans at a prearranged price.

“I hope people aren’t seeing this but I don’t make it too personalized because I do so many of them. So many thousands of them,” he told another contestant, Cynthia Bailey.

Todrick then gave an example of a script he would follow, just swapping out a couple details: “So I’ll be like, ‘Hi Cynthia! It’s Todrick Hall and your good friend Carson told me it’s your birthday and so I wanted to wish you a very happy, very special 55th birthday. Thank you so much for watching my videos and listening to my music. It means the world to me, so Cynthia, hope you got your nails, your hips, and heels on honey because today is all about you. Happy birthday, my love, and hope to see you soon.”

It’s not exactly surprising to hear that Todrick doesn’t put a ton of effort into the videos — some celebs on Cameo do, others don’t, and you can figure out which are which pretty quickly by scrolling through sample videos — but seeing him be so glib about it wasn’t a great look.

And it was exacerbated by him also admitting that he sets prices somewhat arbitrarily.

“I charge different rates,” he said. “Sometimes it’s $250, sometimes it’s $25. It just depends on how I feel that day, how much energy I have. But I promote it a lot and I have it down to a science.”

Todrick has already made a name for himself in the house for being egocentric and rude, and has specifically repeatedly stirred up drama with NSYNC’s Chris Kirkpatrick.

But if reality TV doesn’t work out for Todrick, at least he has Cameo.

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