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Watch Pabllo Vittar's Electrifying New Video About Unlocking New Love

Watch Pabllo Vittar's Electrifying New Video About Unlocking New Love

Pabllo Vittar

She’s still stuck on an ex, but a new kind of love could potentially unlock her feelings.


Drag superstar Pabllo Vittar is both naughty and romantic.

In her latest single, “Cadeado,” which translates to “Padlock,” Vittar sings about still being stuck in love with an ex-boyfriend. Alas, the queen also reveals that she’s open to unlocking a new kind of love that helps her move on.

As we’ve come to expect from Vittar, the music video for “Cadeado” is heavy on dancing and serving some electrifying choreography. There are also plenty of sexy guys all over the video, as Vittar flirts with them and even ends the night with a special someone.

Watch the music video for Pabllo Vittar’s “Cadeado” below.

“Cadeado” is the third single from Noitada, Vittar’s fifth studio album. The song follows “Descontrolada” (with MC Carol) and “Ameianoite” (with Gloria Groove).

Thus far, this album has been all about Vittar exploring more adult themes and nightclub culture – which is a huge departure from her colorful fourth album Batidão Tropical. The beats in Noitada are also much more electronic and Eurodance-inspired, unlike the very Brazilian sounds that Vittar often employs in her body of work.

While it is unclear how long the Noitada era will still last, Vittar will likely still promote this album for the foreseeable future. She released this new project in February 2023, so fans should still be getting a few more singles from Noitada.

We stan Pabllo Vittar and can’t wait to see what’s next!

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