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Tomboy Fashion: Calling All Scouts!

Tomboy Fashion: Calling All Girl Scouts!

Tomboy Fashion: Calling All Girl Scouts!

Introducing Scout's Honor Clothing Line

Hey Tomboys,

Are you a former Girl Scout? Are you a current lifetime card carrying member? Or maybe you were never a Girl Scout but wish so badly you could have been? (raises hand). Maybe you think they are so damn cute all grown up (raises hand again). Girl Scouts: I got the shirt to match your bragging rights.

On my honor, I will try, to show you this shirt you have to buy. Scout's Honor Clothing Company is a new Tomboy brand out of San Francisco who has introduced a shirt, aptly named, The Scout.  And it's cool as hell!


They even made a video of tomboys playing croquet and drinking mother-effin lemonade in the sun, and wearing the shirt at the same time. Ya'll need to take a seat with this cuteness:

Scout's Honor, "Wake Up" from bluedecember productions on Nostalgia.

Support this budding clothing line. Nostalgia + Style = a win in my book.

In All Things Tomboy,




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Lianna Carrera is a stand-up comedian and comedy writer living in Los Angeles, CA. This space is what happens when a comedian runs a fashion blog. Meet our newest Tomboy fashion blogger, here.






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