What to Watch: Indie Underdog "Obvious Child" Stands Out Amongst Obvious Blockbusters

What to Watch: Indie Underdog "Obvious Child" Stands Out Amongst Obvious Blockbusters
Rebekah Allen

This is a pretty action-packed weekend cinema-wise. Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt's Edge of Tomorrow (Groundhog Day with war and aliens) has crashed into theaters with solid reviews, and John Green's young adult hit novel turned most-likely young adult smash hit film The Fault in Our Stars, starring the ever-fascinating Shailene Woodley, also makes its way on onscreen (and presumably will make at least 95% of its audience cry). But in world where big budgets and big names make the loudest splash, don't forget about the indie darlings out there - especially Obvious Child, a surprisingly honest and affecting comedy starring former SNL cast member Jenny Slate as a comedian with some of the worst Valentine's Day luck ever. If you don't recognize Jenny from SNL (where she was cut far too soon) You may rememeber her from her supporting roles on Kroll Show, House of Lies, and as the geniously horrible Mona Lisa Saperstein on Parks and Recreation. She's also the co-creator and voice of arguably the best youtube video ever, Marcel the Shell with Shoes On, a fiercely random and oddly heart-tugging shell-ebration that will easily prove why you need more Jenny Slate in your life.


Obvious Child, written and directed by Gillian Robespierre, feels quite personal and occasionally uncomfortably real, but it's those moments of discomfort that make this dark comedy stand out. You may not love every awkward joke or painful situation, but they all come together to make a memorable, underrated cinematic experience. Jenny Slate's fearlessness when it comes to capturing the good, the gross, and the ugly of real-life exprience is admirable, hysterical, and worthy of many more successes in the future. Check out the trailer below and find Obvious Child in an indie theater near you!


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