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Top 10 Back-to-School Necessities for the Gay Girl

Top 10 Back-to-School Necessities for the Gay Girl

SheWired's Rebekah Allen has devised a list of the top 10 back to school necessities for gay girls, including that perfect playlist, an acoustic guitar to win fellow lesbians' hearts, a good piece of literature for catching that cute nerd English major's eye and Gaga's Monster's Ball poster.

It’s that time of year again. Children are in uniform, nearly every store suddenly has a school supplies section, and now I have to obey the orange flashing lights that tell me children with backpacks on will soon be crossing the road. It’s official: summer is over, and now it’s time to start over. Around now, I would normally be at the uniform store getting a couple plaid skirts and exploring Office Max for the cutest pen colors, but this isn’t any normal year. Instead, I have finished the high school chapter of life and am heading to a college in Chicago far from my dear home sweet Texas.

Rather than ironing collared shirts and putting batteries in my TI-83 calculator, I’m filling a suitcase with what I have deemed my most important back-to-school possessions. It doesn’t matter whether you’re heading across the nation or across the street, everyone has those few special things to help them kick start the year off right and keep it going smoothly till next summer rolls along. So after you’ve gotten your pencils, paper, bedding, and laundry detergent, start working on these top ten back-to-school necessities. They may not help you with your homework, but they’re sure to keep you entertained during the year ahead!

1. The ultimate inspirational playlist 

The start of school means the start of stress, and life’s sure to get a lot more hectic now that you’re back on a strict schedule. Luckily, a great track can lift a crappy mood to a happy place and give you the confidence you need to keep on going. For example, my nerves-killing antidote of 2010 is “Stadium Love,” a crashing rock anthem from the Emily Haines helmed Canadian band Metric. A few more songs sure to help you feel like a winner include British pop star Little Boot’s “Remedy,” Mika’s “We Are Golden,” Santigold’s “Creator,” and, a little on the “duh” side, Queen’s “We are the Champions.” So hit your iTunes and get cracking- a inspiring playlist always comes in handy.

2. A good book (AKA a great conversation starter)

What’s the best way to talk to the cute girl in your literature class who’s always got her nose in a book? Get one yourself and sit right down next to her- a conversation’s sure to spark. For those starting at a new school or simply wanting to meet new people, there’s nothing better to bond over than a great piece of literature. Some of my top choices include the Millennium Series, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, and the masterpiece that is Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. Check out some new novels as well, you never know what might become your next favorite read. And if you’re having trouble picking a book out, you can always ask that cute girl from literature class!

3. Skype, iChat, and other (appropriate!) vid-chatting devices

It’s great to meet new people, but old friends should never be forgotten. Hooking up a webcam and downloading Skype (no worries, it’s free!) or getting on Apple’s iChat means that you can always connect with your friends and family whether they’re down the hall or miles away. In addition, the magic of video chatting has aided many a long-distance relationship. Even overseas Skype calls are always free, so you don’t have to worry about insane charges for two minutes of talk time, not to mention it’s always a nice bonus to be able to see your miles-away girlfriend’s face every once in a while.  

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4. Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 4

Buffy Summers has faced a lot of demons -- literally and emotionally -- in her short life, but no big-bad has proved more frightening than what season 4 has to offer: college. Sure, the Scooby Gang’s spooky experiences probably won’t mirror your own-in fact, I can promise your room mate isn’t actually a demon, and those guys you went to the bar with won’t turn into literal cave men. Supernatural subplots aside, Buffy does offer some very useful life lessons, like sometimes it can seem easier to slay the undead than talk to your adorable TA. And the best part of season 4? Everyone’s favorite teen witch Willow Rosenburg finally meets her kindred spirit in fellow witch Tara, thus creating the cutest couple Buffy- and very possibly television- has ever seen.

5. Basic knowledge of the acoustic guitar (owning one helps too!)

It only takes four chords to be able to play Taylor Swift’s “You Belong to Me,” and it only takes one guitar to become the hit at any school function. Picking up an acoustic guitar and learning around 10 chords will give you enough experience to be able to nail just about any hit single you’ve heard on the radio, and very well might make you a musical goddess on campus. However, with your newfound power, you won’t just be the master of the rowdy group sing-a-long. You’ll be able to play for yourself, and there is very little that is more peaceful than strumming a tune under a tree on a beautiful day. And hey, maybe that cute bass player from your music theory class will even ask you to be in her band.  

6.A membership to your local gym

The last thing on most people’s minds in times of stress is probably a trip to the treadmill, but exercising can be a fantastic release, not to mention a prime way to fight off the the freshman 15. It doesn’t matter how old you are, staying active is one of the best ways to keep your mind clear and your body healthy. Come up with a routine that works for you, don’t push yourself over your limit, and remember to always stay positive.

7. A Pride t-shirt from Hot Topic, or any pride-wear selling establishment

Sure, it doesn’t have to be from Hot Topic but that’s where I got my Pride t-shirt that now has quite a lot of history behind it. For too long that shirt sat in the back of my closet until the day I was finally able to pull it out and wear it around my hometown, and I am proud to take it with me to college. You never know when you might need it, whether it’s for an everyday outing, a protest, or a pride parade. And yet another plus side? The rainbow look never goes out of fashion! 

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8. A (mini) shopping spree

There’s no better excuse to get that new jacket you’ve had your eye on than school starting up again. Even though I attended a school with uniforms last year I still managed to achieve a pair of back-to-school Converse. Of course shopping wisely is always advised, so try to stay away from throwing your credit card around at the Louis Vuitton store. And if you’re simply not in the mood to spend any money, don’t worry! There’s plenty of fun to be had in reconstructing some of your lesser-used outfits into something more up-to-date. Shirts can become tank tops, and pants can become fingerless gloves- whatever you choose to create, building your own wardrobe is a less expensive and equally rewarding experience. 

 9. Lady Gaga Monsterball 2010 poster

It’s no secret that dorm rooms lack pizazz, and what better way to spice up your drab walls than by putting up your favorite Mama Monster poster? I, for one, can’t wait to turn my dorm room into my home by tacking Lady Gaga and her little monster claw of unity onto my wall. You don’t have to have a dorm to show Gaga love, either. There are plenty of materials available to make the perfect homemade Lady Gaga notebook and folder covers that your friends are sure to be jealous of. And if you’re not a fan of Gaga, go for something you would love to see every day on your walls and notebooks. Whatever that may be, it’s incredibly important to make your space something you can be proud of.

10. A camera

Okay, maybe this seems a little obvious, but sometimes those most glaring things are what go under the radar. You don’t have to be a photography major to always keep a camera on you. In fact, you never know what random moment you’re always going to want to remember, whether it be a particularly stunning sunset, a close-up of your favorite artist power belting at their concert, or your friends’ his and her (or her and her, in my case) Bella and Edward Halloween costumes. School can be tough -- between finals, homework, practice, and rehearsals chaos is almost guaranteed -- but it’s not your old math tests or vocab books you’re going to want to hold on to. So grab a camera and get started -- you’re really going to want to remember the amazing year you’re about to have. 

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