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Did Lil Nas X Just Reveal That He Has a Secret Son?

Did Lil Nas X Just Reveal That He Has a Secret Son?

Lil Nas X

The rapper's Instagram post has some people spiraling.


Lil Nas X shook things up this week after making the bold announcement that he has a secret son.

“yes i have a son and i’m no longer gonna hide him from this cruel world,” the rapper wrote on Instagram stories, alongside a photo of a young boy and a stuffed toy.

Headlines popped with the news while weirdos on Twitter started going off about how they new Lil Nas had only been pretending to be gayfor clout” all along (because being gay has historically been a great help to people’s careers, of course).

Of course, it’s entirely possible for a gay man to have a son (even with a woman!), but real fans knew better than to take Lil Nas at his word.

This man is a king when it comes to trolling on the internet. Though his “reveal” that he has a kid may have fooled those watching his career from the sidelines, his followers caught on right away.

And in appreciation of the nonsense Lil Nas always casually pulls off, seemingly without a care about how it might send people into a frenzy, fans joined in on the joke.

It’s worth noting that at this point, Lil Nas could keep insisting he has a human son —and it could actually be true — and fans probably still wouldn’t believe him. But in this case, those in the know are insistent this particular child is the rapper’s nephew.

A+ trolling as always, Lil Nas. Now the real question remains: does this mean new music is on the way?

How did Lil Nas X get famous?

Lil Nas X shot to stardom with "Old Town Road" going viral on TikTok.

What is Lil Nas X's real name?

Lil Nas X's real name is Montero Lamar Hill.

What is Lil Nas X's relationship status?

As far as the public knows, Lil Nas is currently single.

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