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Rebecca Black Just Roasted Andrew Tate With This Sick Burn

Rebecca Black Just Roasted Andrew Tate With This Sick Burn

Rebecca Black; Andrew Tate
Shutterstock; Twitter

The internet just keeps piling on with jokes about the social media minsogynst.


Who could've possibly guessed all those years ago that an innocent song about a day of the week would butterfly effect into a sick burn of one of the worst people on the planet?

Rebecca Black, singer of the viral sensation "Friday" and modern-day queer pop icon, took aim at misogynist Andrew Tate in a hilarious new tweet.

For context, Tate has had a rough few weeks. On December 27, the 36-year-old tweeted at 19-year-old climate activist Greta Thunberg, instructing her to “Please provide your email address so I can send a complete list of my car collection and their respective enormous emissions." Big loser energy.

Unexpectedly, Thunberg responded, “yes, please do enlighten me. email me at [email protected].” The tweet blew up, currently has over 3.9 million likes, and has since become one of the most liked tweets in the platform's history.

Hours later, Tate responded to the tweet with an embarrassing video attempting to take down the teenager where he uses a pizza box as a prop. Unfortunately for him but fortunately for us, Romanian police were watching, reportedly were able to track him down because of the pizza box brand, and promptly raided his home and arrested him and his brother with allegations of rape and sex trafficking.

Talk about a plot twist.

Ever since, the internet has been justifiably piling on, just raking the absolute stain of a human being over the coals.

Yesterday, Black joined in on the fun.

A video of Tate attempting to rap went viral, captioned "Andrew Tate Needed to be arrested for dropping this anyway." It features lyrics like "They call me Mr. Plenty/check the leather on the Bentley" as Tate leans against a car and waves his hands around.

Black noticed some similarities between the video and her own iconic music video for "Friday", and pointed them out with a simple, "I was 13 this man is 36."

Get him, Rebecca!

The internet collectively gasped. And cackled. But throughout the jokes, we agree with one fan who replied, "Hey don't drag Friday. I still sing it every week."

Now that's a song that will truly live in our hearts forever.

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