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Rebecca Black Just Broke Twitter With This Pegging Joke

Rebecca Black Just Broke Twitter With This Pegging Joke

Rebecca Black

Plus, the list of wild celebrity predictions for 2023 that started it all.


Could Rebecca Black be Pete Davidson’s next unexpected fling?

The “Friday” singer sent Twitter into hysterics shortly before the end of 2022 when she responded to a list of (incredible) predictions for 2023, one of which was that she would be “papped with pete davidson.”

It was one of the more tamer predictions on the list — or at least it was, until Black jumped in with her one condition as to just how the unlikely pairing could come to pass.

“if pete lets me wear a strap on,” she wrote.

Even though Black has forged a new path for herself in music over a decade after one of the most incredible viral songs in history was released online, her response still drew clever references to “Friday.

People also wondered if this in and of itself could be what leads to the prediction coming true.

Black ultimately clarified that she has a girlfriend and is “very in love,” while lamenting that “straight people keep finding my account,” so it’s unlikely a team up between her and Davidson will happen anytime soon. But it’s too bad the latter isn’t still on Saturday Night Live, because this could have made a great deep cut skit aimed at those of us who are terminally online.

But instead we’ll just leave you with this pic of Black and her girlfriend, Veronika, dressed up as Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee for Halloween — sorry, Pete!

What is Rebecca Black known for?

Black went viral with the music video for "Friday" in 2011.

How old was Rebecca Black when she made "Friday?"

Black was only 13 when "Friday" shot her to unexpected fame.

What is Rebecca Black doing now?

Black has continued to make music, with her debut album expected in 2023.

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